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A pioneer in distance learning, Penn Foster is one of the largest and most respected online educators in the U.S., with more than 30,000 graduates each year across its high school, college and career training programs. TfA’s higher-education experts partnered with Penn Foster as its digital agency of record, bringing an evolutionary approach to its marketing strategies to assess and optimize profitability at every level – from inquiries to enrollments, lifetime value and, ultimately, true profitability.

Strategic Approach

Penn Foster was no stranger to driving enrollments through digital channels when it first engaged with The frank Agency. But results and performance of its marketing programs were slipping. It needed a fresh approach.

We progressively assessed, analyzed and optimized all facets of their digital strategy ‒ including paid search, display, retargeting, SEO, content and landing pages – to improve performance at every level of the student recruitment and enrollment journey. From eliminating non-productive keywords (66,000 of them!) to boosting viable inquiries, to decreasing CPE by 40%, to an 11.6% lift in student LTV, and finally to a 41.8% increase in overall profitability through our program-focused approach, Team frank was able to put Penn Foster back at the head of the class.



Digital display and retargeting ads were tailored for and targeted to many segments of Penn Foster’s audience. From high schoolers and online college students, to career program, adult learner and multi-cultural prospects, the digital plan included specific creative and messaging to reach and resonate on a personalized level.

Study Hall
Welcome To Your Campus
Study Buddy
As The Change, So Can You
Affordable Flexible Online Education
Move Forward, Head Back To School
Your Time, Your Pace, Your Education
Our Vet Tech Program In AVMA-CVTEA Accredited


With today’s student audience, a strong social media presence is a necessity. Paid and boosted social media used custom and look alike audiences, along with ad retargeting, to connect and engage with students for specific career programs. But even more importantly, our social strategies were carefully crafted to go beyond lead nurturing, driving qualified inquiries that would convert to new student enrollments.


Campaign-specific landing pages were designed with conversion in mind. From inquiry generation, to online chat and mobile click-to-call, we saw click-thru rates that increased by up to 67% and conversion rates that improved as high as 426% vs. the generic landing pages that were in place at the start of our partnership.



Team frank designed several different infographics for various career programs to enhance SEO efforts and improve organic rankings. Besides driving student engagement and supporting target keywords, this content contributed to a 35% increase in organic search growth and a 20% surge in new enrollments attributed to our SEO strategies.