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Paid Search Services

Paid Search Agency That Gets Results

Our paid search team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your business. Backed by meticulous research and a team of seasoned professionals, we employ a comprehensive approach to maximize the impact of your paid search marketing campaigns. With expertise in various platforms, compelling ad copies, strategic keyword research, and effective bidding strategies, partnering with us ensures enhanced online visibility and targeted traffic, ultimately leading to business growth.

Unmatched Keyword Management by Leading Paid Search Marketing Agency

We manage more keywords than you’d find in a dictionary. Sixteen Funk & Wagnall’s dictionaries, to be precise. And, really, “manage” is such an understatement for even the basics of ppc that we do. We harangue those words. Manhandle ’em. Bend them to our will. Well, our clients’ wills, anyway.

Same with display advertising. It all goes back to that simple theory that the work should work. And ours does. Unless you think ROI of over 500% isn’t hard. In that case, well, we’re not sure what to think.

To pull in results like that, we do our homework. The strategies our pay-per-click ads team develop for our clients are not based on clicks and impressions, but on specific goals. And unlike many other paid search agencies out there, we don’t care about leads. What drives your business is conversions, and that’s what our paid search and display app campaigns are designed to deliver.

Unveiling the Secrets of Your Competitors’ Strategies

We start with a complete competitive review, so we understand how much the competition is spending, the ad copy and display messages they’re putting into the marketplace, and do competitive keyword research for PPC. From our PPC analysis, we can deduce what’s working … and what’s not… with your target audience. And we use these insights to your advantage.

Then we go to work. Our process includes a five-point strategy to generate new customers for our clients. The combination of paid search, content, mobile, retargeting and display is where the magic happens. And true to our direct response roots, we test, test and test again to continually improve campaign performance.

Real-Time Optimization: Maximum Impact in Paid Search Marketing

Using a direct-buy DSP model, Team frank’s media buyers monitor your keyword activity and results continually. We make real-time bidding adjustments and additions daily. Yes, you heard that right ─ daily. In our minds, this level of campaign oversight is critical to success and we’re fully committed to this hands-on approach. Because it works.

Customized Dashboards for a Comprehensive Paid Search Campaign Management

And how will you know it works? We’ll show you, with a customized dashboard that provides a birds-eye view and granular campaign data in real time. Impressions, clicks, ad cost, click-through rates, conversion rates and conversion totals. We call it “actionable analysis.” Because all the data in the world is meaningless if you can’t extract insights and then visualize the implications so you can make smarter, more effective marketing decisions.

Get an objective, expert opinion on how your current paid search and display programs are performing, along with potential opportunities you may be missing. Contact us today for a no-strings-attached audit. We would love an shot at becoming your paid search agency!


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