Even our coffee
mugs are forthright.

No corporate speak, no pretense. Just honest talk. Frank talk, as it were. It’s served us well for over 30 years, and it will serve us well for the next 30+.

What's with that name?

The frank Agency was named after two franks – our illustrious founder, and our unwavering aversion to marketing malarkey.

As for frank the first, Frank Weyforth was a true entrepreneur, forming the agency, humbly enough, on a pool table in his basement. Frank was no silver-spoon-sucking trust fund baby. No, he was a self-made man who made an agency all by his own self. The least we could do is name the joint after him. Well, that, and continue to come to the table with an opinion, as he always did.

Which brings us to frank the second. The lowercase frank that stands for forthright and honest talk. No corporate speak, no pretense. Just honest talk. Frank talk, as it were. It’s served us well for over 30 years, and it will serve us well for the next 30+.

Our Exec Team

Susan Reiter | Chief Operating Officer

Susan Reiter
Chief Operating Officer

Perhaps nothing makes Susan happier than seeing her client succeed. And perhaps that's why Susan’s always smiling. Her clients tend to smile a lot as well, because they feel the benefits of her hard work and dedication. Susan is a true American success story, working her way up from the junior account exec to agency COO. And it's that same growth pattern Susan manages to extract for her clients' brands.

Industry Experience: 25+ years, at frank since 1988
Brand Experience: Delta Cargo, Daimler Trucks North America, Dice, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, Mercedes-Benz, Carestream Dental, Delta TechOps, among others
Interests: family, fashion, travel, fine foods, interior design

Tony Ali | President/CEO

Tony Ali

An officer and a gentleman, Tony has taken his learnings from a past life as a Marine and applied them to his current position here. It’s that dogged determination and endless will to win that led Tony to the strategic helm of the agency. Whether it’s charting the shop’s future or plotting the next big client success, Tony’s passion and drive are infectious. And contagious.

Industry Experience: 20 years, at frank since 2002
Brand Experience: Delta Cargo, Daimler Trucks North America, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, Mercedes-Benz, Penn Foster, Delta TechOps, Home Valet, among others
Interests: travel, fine cigars, video gaming, gardening

Kelly Bohlken | VP/Account Group Leader

Kelly Bohlken
VP/Account Group Leader

Kelly has the unique perspective one can only find by working both sides of the fence; client and agency. That 'dual perspective' thing has carried over, as Kelly never seems to be doing less than two things at once. Whether it's guiding a client brand while serving on the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association board or staying current on market trends while running a household. The one thing you can be sure of, however, is Kelly’s full commitment.

Industry Experience: 25+ years, at frank since 2004
Brand Experience: Caterpillar, Delta Cargo, Dice, Inland Truck Parts, NCM Associates, Ceva, Euronet Worldwide
Interests: landscaping, wine, English Bulldogs, KU, cooking

Allen Harkleroad | Director of Interactive Media

Allen Harkleroad
Director of Interactive Media

Allen takes a hands-on approach in all of his marketing efforts. In striving to meet and exceed the expectations of his clients, Allen emphasizes goal-setting techniques for time management purposes and to ensure accuracy in his client work. He also focuses on teaching his internal team how to become better marketers while aiming to assist everyone in reaching their unique, personal goals.

Industry Experience: 13 years, at frank since 2019
Brand Experience: University of Texas, University of Louisiana, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Seton Hall University, Johnson & Wales University, Caterpillar, Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance, Ryan Lawn & Tree
Interests: heavy metal music, attending concerts, history books, reading, Cleveland Browns football

Sarah Cline  | VP/Business Development

Sarah Cline
VP/Business Development

She's the middle child of a large family, and you know what that means: she's a quick eater. All kidding aside, it's those other middle-kid sensibilities that make Sarah invaluable to frank and its clients. Qualities like collaboration and connecting. Sarah's particular gift, however, is finding that sweet spot between a potential client's need and just how the agency can partner to fill it.

Industry Experience: 30 years, at frank since 2012
Brand Experience: Security 1 Lending, Carestream Dental, USAA, California Chamber of Commerce, Butler Manufacturing, among many others
Interests: travel, archaeology, photography, family and dogs "mostly her own"

Nick Barkman | VP/Business Development

Nick Barkman
VP/Business Development

For most, it’s an alarm clock, but what gets Nick out of bed in the morning is the chance to dig into a new opportunity. And what he does once he’s awake is pretty remarkable; he helps turn opportunity into reality. Specifically, he helps launch agency-client relationships. With 60 such matches made and counting, Nick is a true tour de force when it comes to getting the right folks together. His matchmaking skills have gone on to help increase client revenues by double and even triple digits. And that’s quite the wake-up call.

Industry Experience: 15 years, at frank since 2015
Brand Experience: Academy of Art University, Royal Canin, Federal Home Loan Banks, Amerisave, Westgate Resorts, Hy-Vee and others
Interests: family, baseball, golf, football, scotch, travel, music, why there is always just one shoe in the road, data convergence

A little bit about The frank Agency

What's this whole 'RE:DIRECT' thing, anyway? Well, first things first: our 30-year heritage as a direct marketing agency means we're all about direct and the metrics that make it such a dynamic marketing force. That's one way to look at RE:DIRECT.

The other way? Exactly. Find the other way. Redirect your thinking. Find a new solution, an uncharted path, a fresher perspective. For instance, 'can direct marketing build brands?' We think so. And so do the clients who've seen it work for their brands.

RE:DIRECT – our manifesto, our mantra and our mission. It's how we challenge the status quo in order to change the status of the brands that hire us.

Our Culture

It's not all beer and foosball around here. Okay. We do have a lot of foosball tournaments. And there is beer on tap right next to the wine cooler. But, seriously, there's got to be more to the life of an ad agency than that, right?

Right. That's why frank takes its culture seriously. There's even a committee set up just for keeping that culture alive. They organize chair races, a Halloween festival that draws in tenants building-wide, and tons of spontaneous 'you guys have been working pretty hard, let's have some fun today' afternoons.

They also help ensure we take our culture outside the office, with things like our Harvesters International food drive, service days, not to mention our almost unhealthy quest for world domination through Kansas City Corporate Challenge (a yearly Olympic-style athletic competition).

So there you have it: our culture. Did we mention beer and foosball?

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Finding just the right marketing partner can be an exhausting experience of RFPs, interviews, presentations and deliberations.

Or, it can be a phone call.

Well, at least it can start that way. And we’d love to get started with you. So, go ahead, push a few buttons and talk to us. We won’t ask you to guarantee that you’ll hire us. But, if you do, we guarantee you’ll be glad you did.