UI/UX Development, Assessment and Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping, Web Development for premium user experience
Britt Desbien November 14th, 2017

Online, your website is your welcome mat. If customers have a poor experience with your company website, they won’t shop from you, they’ll look for a competitor who offers a better online experience. If you want to help customers have a better experience online, you’ll need to improve your UX, or user experience, and your … Continue reading “UI/UX Development, Assessment and Heat Mapping”

What the Panda 4.1 Update Means for Your Website

Brett Suddreth October 17th, 2014

A few weeks ago, Google began rolling out the Panda 4.1 update. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at how this update affected the world of organic search and SEO in general. This update, just like previous Panda updates, focused on websites with “shallow” content. In terms of sites affected by … Continue reading “What the Panda 4.1 Update Means for Your Website”