What to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Agency

Web design agency
Matt Gasper October 8th, 2018

Having options is a good thing, but having too many options can be overwhelming. With hundreds of web design companies across the country, deciding which digital agency is best for your business could have you stressing, but if you understand your position and what you’re ultimate goals are then it should be a stress-free process. … Continue reading “What to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Agency”

What are Micro-Interactions and Why They are Important in Web Design

Britt Desbien February 27th, 2018

Microinteractions are an important concept in web design used to measure and evaluate the smallest level of interaction between the user and the product. More specifically, the term “microinteraction” describes a single moment or interaction in a single use-case or task that a person encounters when using a product. A web designer is primarily concerned … Continue reading “What are Micro-Interactions and Why They are Important in Web Design”

Web Development Trend 2018: Static Site Generator

Britt Desbien February 15th, 2018

Static Site Generators provide an easy way for people looking to create a website to get one online without much of the content management system-based site complications. These site creation tools are a growing web development trend in 2018 because CMS-based sites are overkill for the needs of many website owners. Static Site Generators A … Continue reading “Web Development Trend 2018: Static Site Generator”

5 Ways to Enhance your Mobile Site’s User Experience

Britt Desbien January 5th, 2018

Enhancing your website’s mobile user experience is an excellent way to leverage your content over your competition. An excellent user experience is one of the most important things for bringing visitors back to your site. Mobile web needs to be a priority for web designers because it now brings in more traffic than traditional desktop … Continue reading “5 Ways to Enhance your Mobile Site’s User Experience”

Choosing the Right Content Management System

Britt Desbien December 22nd, 2017

Choosing the right Content Management System, or CMS, for your business is a very important process because your website success depends on it. Your business could have the best products in the world, but if the CMS makes it impossible to provide a good delivery experience for your customers your platform will not do well. … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Content Management System”