Announcing the New frank Agency Website!

Team frank

Bust out the cigars; announcing the arrival of our bouncy little bundle of digital joy.

That’s right. We’ve just birthed a brand new website for The frank Agency. And not just a website, but a showcase of design, interface, user experience and SEO best practices.

Of course we’re proud of the final design – a winner chosen from a half dozen or so contenders. It’s a bright, colorful, open homage to 70’s magazine layouts. Actually, it’s an updated version of that layout style that’s easy on the eye, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Pretty much the trifecta of great web design.

But this new site isn’t all show and no go. Because it’s been built from a solid foundation of features supercharged for SEO. We’ve streamlined things for a more comfortable ride along the user journey, optimized calls-to-action so it’s easier than ever to contact us, and we’ve gotten mega in to meta data. In short, we did for ourselves what we’ve done for our digital clients – built a site that’s an organic search beast.

Another thing we’re proud of is how the new site features our work. First off, we have the chance to show creative for creative’s sake – lots of good looking and award-winning ads, websites, direct marketing initiatives and so on. But we are also using the new site to talk about the most important thing about our work; the simple fact that it works. So there are lots of case studies, including some brand spanking new video case studies we’ll be adding to the site in the next few weeks (so you’ll want to come back and visit us again, soon).

But, most of all, we’re proud to be able to show off our clients. Clients who love our dedication to metrics and ROI. Clients who know just who to call when their bottom line is on the line. And clients who have shown loyalty – a rare commodity in this business – for years, if not decades.

We built this site for us, to be sure. But we were only able to build it because we have such incredible clients.

So please enjoy our little cuddly amalgamation of ones and zeroes. We hope you have as much fun surfing it as we did building it.

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