Digging Deep into Dealer Network Challenges

How can your corporate brand execute impactful campaigns at the local level? How can data be used to drive sales and build customer loyalty? What can you do to streamline after-sales and services for increased revenue?

In this edition of re:view, we cover the top issues and opportunities facing dealership-driven organizations across various industries.

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frank Talk on Dealer-Driven Marketing

The corporate-to-dealer distribution model has no shortage of challenges. Thankfully for you, we corner the market on tried-and-true solutions for dealer industry challenges – and we have the track record to prove it.

The marketing experts at The frank Agency have over 35 years of experience within the corporate-dealership sphere – from driving revenue on a local level to boosting after-sales and strengthening brand cohesion. We have the grit and know-how to help you direct your future, and we’re poised to deliver the insights and results you need to get there.

Friends of frank

We’re no stranger to dealer-driven brands. In fact, here are a few of our friends you may recognize:

We also work with:


Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. Consistently over its 70+ year history, DTNA has made developments in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles that set the industry standards at new heights.


What started 180 years ago as an agricultural equipment manufacturer has evolved into a global leader in heavy-duty equipment. John Deere’s construction division is a prime example of this company’s legacy of ongoing innovation and unsurpassed quality.


A subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, Thomas Built manufactures and produces industry-leading buses of all types, sizes and uses. Their dedication to technology and safety are manifested in the fact that one in three school buses on the road is a Thomas Built.


With over 90 years of experience under their belts, Kenworth is a trailblazer of craftsmanship and engineering – and nowhere is that more clearly exhibited than in their medium- and heavy-duty trucks, which rank as some of the top trucks in the market.


International reinvented the concept of uptime, with diesel engines that provide best-in-class power, performance, fuel economy and durability. Their overall brand reliability has made them one of the top diesel engine manufacturers on the market.


From commercial buses to trucks and defense vehicles, Navistar’s broad line of heavy-duty vehicles and engines make it a go-to brand for businesses and fleet owners. Their global network and industry-leading partners have boosted the Navistar name into a heavy-duty force to be reckoned with.


Peterbilt’s passion for engineering excellence and technological development make it one of America’s premium truck brands. This brand consistently ranks high for quality, customer satisfaction and fuel efficiency.


The John Deere standard of excellence has carried over into various forms of heavy-duty machinery – one of these being forestry equipment. With tools to assist every part of the forestry process and advanced uptime solutions, John Deere again leads the way in this industry.


Bridgestone has been developing ever more effective and durable tires for a broad range of uses since 1931. Its constant innovation and commitment to perfection has made it one of the top three largest tire manufacturers in the world.


Highway, vocational, off-road – Western Star produces custom trucks for every need and industry. In its 50-year history Western Star has excelled in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty trucks that work hard and are built to last.


Haldex is a Sweden-based brake and suspension company with a 100-year-long track record for quality. They are currently the world-leading supplier of brake adjusters for drum brakes, and are rapidly making in-roads in the disc brake market.


Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, a subsidiary of Goodyear, is the nation’s largest tire distributor and retreader. They offer tire solutions in 169 locations, and also provide nearly 50 dedicated truck care centers which offer service in addition to sales.


Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Group, and it’s this partnership that gives this Canada-based manufacturer the support to develop its innovative, environmentally-conscious, high-capacity transit options.


A Daimler subsidiary that’s named after The Motor City in which it’s based, Detroit has lived up to its heritage as a premier manufacturer of diesel engines, transmissions, axles, connectivity and safety solutions.


As part of the Automotive Distribution Network, this leading automotive parts distributor contributes to a network of over 1,500 retail stores that provide high-quality parts and service to every vehicle type.


With a primary focus on uptime and excellence, Cummins manufactures the highest caliber engines for every vehicle type – from marine to passenger autos to heavy-duty equipment and beyond. For its full 100-year history, Cummins has also been a partner for the beloved Indianapolis 500.


Before it was consolidated under the Daimler brand in 2008, Sterling manufactured a wide range of heavy-duty equipment, from tractors to over-the-road trucks. Sterling’s heritage of resilience lives on in Daimler’s current heavy-duty subsidiaries, Freightliner and Western Star.


Firestone is practically an American legend, having had its start in creating buggy wheels and then moving on to become a pioneer in the mass production of vehicle tires. It currently operates in 23 U.S. states and 10 countries worldwide.


Bobcat paved the way for compact farm, landscaping and construction equipment, with innovative designs that streamline operations for a variety of industries. While its largest manufacturing facilities are based in the heart of the U.S., Bobcat also operates plants across the globe.

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