Tracking Results: 3 Easy Ways to Know If Your Direct-Mail Campaign is Working

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Ways to Know If Your Direct-Mail Campaign is Working

Have you crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” in your direct-mail marketing campaign? If you’ve failed to include something that helps you track responses, then the answer to that question is a resounding “No!”

Even the most targeted, well-crafted, and persuasive direct-mail collateral will fall flat without an effective tracking process. If you’re like most marketers, you don’t have cash to throw away on an ineffective campaign. You want a good ROI and a positive response from your audience. To accomplish that, you must be able to determine whether your direct-mail campaign is working. If it’s not, you’ll want to adjust and refine it sooner rather than later.

A good tracking plan tells you if your message struck home with your intended audience. Plus, when you use unique tracking methods, you can easily distinguish between responses—from different direct mailers or from other lead-generating campaigns (e.g. internet or word-of-mouth leads). Here are three ways to track the results of your direct-mail campaigns.

A Unique URL

Include a campaign-specific web address in your direct mailer. This URL should lead customers to a landing page dedicated to those who received the mailer. This is a simple tracking method that can be implemented and tested without much extra work. Create a unique URL and landing page, then find out who visited the page by accessing your website’s analytics. In order for this tracking method to work, the URL should be used only in the mailer. That way, you’re certain about the origin of your new leads.

A Unique Phone Number

There are a wide variety of marketing solutions that provide a set list of dedicated toll-free telephones numbers. Use one dedicated number in your direct mailer and avoid using this number for any other marketing campaigns. When a customer calls in, you’ll be able to tell where the lead came from based on which number they used to contact you.

A Unique Offer

Is your direct mailer telling your customers about a special offer? If so, you can create a unique coupon code and include it in the mailer. This code may be redeemed when shopping online by simply typing it in during the checkout process. You can also attach a QR code or barcode to the mailer so that your sales team can scan it for face-to-face sales. Analyzing how many of the codes were redeemed can help you track how many customers responded to the mailer.

Using these tracking methods helps you determine which among two or more direct mailers sent out performed the best. You can also use these tracking methods to help you differentiate direct mail responses from traffic generated from online, billboard, or in-person marketing efforts. As long as you are vigilant about segmenting URLs, phone numbers, and offer codes to each specific direct mail campaign, its relatively quick work to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Tracking your direct mail campaigns allows you to gradually refine the process and grow your business.

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