How to Structure a PPC Account

Brett McAtee
Symmetrical structure stands tall and reaches into the sky.

The effectiveness of a PPC campaign largely depends on its structure and organization. Without this solid foundation, the entire campaign can come crumbling down.

Within Google AdWords, there is a hierarchy with three main layers associated with online search ads:

  • Account: The top and most basic layer, which contains email, password and billing information. Each level underneath the Account level is more granular in regards to what you can control.
  • Campaign: Found under the Account level, where ad campaign budgets and settings are controlled.
  • Ad Group: Found under each campaign, where PPC managers can group together similar ads and keywords.

With that in mind, there are many ways to organize Ad Groups and Campaigns, not all of which are necessarily the most efficient for your business goals. If the account is organized poorly, your ability to control when and where ads are shown will suffer, meaning your ads might not be seen by the most relevant audience. The most effective strategy will differ from business to business, but there are some best practices to consider when organizing your account structure.

Your AdWords account should reflect your products or services as they would be grouped together on your website. For example, if you are an online clothing retailer, it would make sense to create campaigns based on the different types of clothing you sell. You might have a campaign for shirts, a campaign for pants, and a campaign for shoes.

Within each campaign you would then create ad groups for the different types of articles within that category. So for shoes, you might create an ad group for sneakers, an ad group for dress shoes, and an ad group for athletic shoes. Relevant keywords and ads would then be created for each ad group, giving you a well-structured account from which you can best track and manage your results.

Again, each business has its own organization and needs, and it’s important to structure an AdWords account with those in mind. It can be an overwhelming process when trying it on your own, but it doesn’t have to be.

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