Facebook Expands Messenger Advertising

Vanessa Koonce

If and when you created your organization’s most recent social media marketing campaign using Facebook, you might have noticed a new item on the objectives list. You can now select “Messages” as a campaign objective. This campaign objective is designed to serve up your ad to people most likely to engage with the brand. The intention is to get people starting a conversation with the brand.

Facebook has previously offered the option to drive people to Messenger; however it was never offered as an objective. Prior to this update, you might have already created an ad that used a Traffic objective with an option to click through to the Messenger platform. While this option is still available, the newest objective feature may be a better route for your brand if you are looking to converse with fans via Messenger.

It’s Facebook’s hope that this update will bring more attention to the fact that chatbots are available for users to engage with brands. These ads can incorporate images or video, including slideshows or carousels formatting. It will allow brands to creatively encourage fans to communicate with them.

If you are interested in how these Messenger objective-based ads can be implemented on your Facebook page and provide more opportunity for Facebook insights, contact The frank Agency today!

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