Advanced Digital Strategies
Fill the Sales Pipeline

Angel MedFlight is a leader and innovator in air ambulance services, providing end-to-end medical transport solutions. As the category has expanded, AMF needs to maintain and grow market share in the face of new, highly successful competitors. With a finite number of prospects for its services, it’s more critical than ever to truly understand current, profitable customers and replicate them in their prospecting efforts. As AMF’s digital marketing partner, The frank Agency is focused on just that, using a combination of sophisticated data techniques and advanced digital strategies to generate high-quality and high-converting leads for AMF’s sales team that result in booked flights.

Responsive Website

AMF’s new website not only has a new look-and-feel, but also new functionality to help improve organic rankings, lead generation and conversion rates. Content has been expanded and optimized for stronger SEO. Calls-to-action and lead forms are strategically positioned to drive inquiries. And user stories, blog articles and reviews get users engaged and provide credibility. The result is a better user experience that supports the AMF brand while working hard to attract and convert new customers.


Sophisticated data analytics and predictive modeling drive our targeting and retargeting digital strategies, guiding us to build precise look-alike and custom audiences that mirror AMF’s best and most profitable customers. Our high-flying results? A nearly 20% increase in flights booked and a 24% increase in bottom-line revenue.

Paid Search

With SEM strategies based on in-depth competitive research, current campaign audits, sophisticated optimization methods and ongoing A/B testing, AMF’s paid search campaigns effectively and efficiently connect with targets when they are searching for information and drive qualified leads for the sales team.

Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

Customized landing pages are responsive across all devices and capture leads coming from each digital campaign. By using landing pages, instead of sending traffic to AMF’s main website, individual features can be tested and optimized to determine the most efficient pathways to conversion.