Twitter Creates Tweet Threads

Vanessa Koonce

We are all getting accustomed to Twitter’s new 280 character count that was rolled out recently. Many have boasted about the new flexibility of the expansion and according to a recent Buzzfeed article, it appears that the longer tweets are receiving more engagements. While this may be the case, Twitter hasn’t stopped there with enhancing the user experience. The platform announced on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, that they will be continuing to expand on the flexibility of the tweeting experience.

Twitter is now planning to unveil tweet threads for its users. The platform expressed that this feature will be an easier way to group tweets together. Users will now be able to add additional tweets to their first published tweet by clicking a plus button in the composer, thus creating a thread. Users will also be able to add tweets to already-published threads.

Currently, Twitter fans have been using a different method to create threads. Users are able to create make-shift threads by replying to their own tweet. Only time will tell on whether or not people will stick to their current methods or if they’ll adopt Twitter’s newest thread feature.

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