Look at Me! How to Make Your Direct-Mail Campaign Stand Out from the Crowd

Mailbox with envelopes
The frank Agency May 30th, 2017

Generally, demanding someone’s attention is often frowned upon by society. But, in the case of a direct mail marketing campaign, catching a prospect’s eye is mandatory for success. You not only want to grab your customers’ attention initially. You also want to sustain it so that they take action. For such a tall order, you need … Continue reading “Look at Me! How to Make Your Direct-Mail Campaign Stand Out from the Crowd”

Understanding the Essentials of Google AdWords Certification

Google Certification and PPC
Brett McAtee February 28th, 2017

One of the most important things to know in the paid search field is your way around Google AdWords. The capabilities and amount of data at your fingertips when running an AdWords campaign can be intimidating, but Google has you covered. By passing Google AdWords certification, you will have a very solid foundation and understanding … Continue reading “Understanding the Essentials of Google AdWords Certification”

How to Ensure a Direct-Mail Campaign Remains Cost Effective

TfA Blog - Direct Mail Cost Effectiveness
The frank Agency January 31st, 2017

For decades, direct mail has been a pillar of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing campaigns—and for good reason. Although it may seem in the digital age that more modern forms of marketing would leave this dinosaur in the dust, direct mail marketing remains highly effective at converting prospective customers into buyers. In 2015, the Direct … Continue reading “How to Ensure a Direct-Mail Campaign Remains Cost Effective”

3 Effective Ways to Integrate Direct Mail with Mobile Marketing

Team frank December 14th, 2016

With the number of people walking down the street or waiting in lines who are glued to their mobile devices, tech-savvy marketers have long since accepted the mobile route as an effective method for attracting new customers and engaging existing customers. However, changing trends in technology haven’t completely wiped out the benefit of a highly focused … Continue reading “3 Effective Ways to Integrate Direct Mail with Mobile Marketing”

2015 Team frank Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day
Team frank September 3rd, 2015

Everyone loves a summer carnival, and The frank Agency is no exception – which is why we hosted our very own carnival this past August for The frank Agency’s annual Employee Appreciation Day! Attractions included a 100+ foot inflatable obstacle course, a “high striker” strength test and a variety of traditional carnival games such as … Continue reading “2015 Team frank Employee Appreciation Day”