Snapchat continues to evolve

Vanessa Koonce

Snapchat has recently announced some updates to their user interface and we think these changes are definitely worth capturing.

The social media platform has arranged chats and stories from friends on the left side of the camera screen while placing stories from publishers on the right side. This allows users to choose which information they would rather see while they are perusing the app.

The new Friends page, which can be viewed on the left side of the camera screen, displays friend content based on how often you communicate. This communication pattern is something that the app will learn over time, but will eventually aim to showcase content from your top friends towards the top.

Lastly, Snapchat has organized the Discover page to house all subscribed content at the top, right above content that could potentially interest you.

The goal of these updates is to overall enhance the user experience. By separating publisher content from friend content a Snapchat user can choose what they would like to view. Each user experience is different, so Snapchat aims to tailor their functionality to those differences.

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