3 Effective Ways to Integrate Direct Mail with Mobile Marketing

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With the number of people walking down the street or waiting in lines who are glued to their mobile devices, tech-savvy marketers have long since accepted the mobile route as an effective method for attracting new customers and engaging existing customers. However, changing trends in technology haven’t completely wiped out the benefit of a highly focused and personal direct mail campaign either.

Studies have found that many Americans still enjoy receiving physical mail, and some people read physical mail more often than their emails. That’s why a comprehensive marketing campaign includes both physical mail and email marketing to satisfy both types of prospective consumers.

Consider these suggestions to enjoy the advantages of a tangible and targeted direct mail campaign integrated with a mobile marketing strategy.

Get Social

Social media has taken over virtually every major outlet—news, entertainment and shopping. More than 4 billion of the world’s population uses social media, which means engaging with your audience through these networks is great for business. While statisticians have yet to map out the exact ROI for social media marketing, they all agree that this route contributes to “engagement” through website traffic and long-term relationship-building. So, be sure to include social media icons and your profile names on existing direct mail materials to let your customers know how they can connect with you online.

Mobile Wallet Offers

Approximately 1/3 of smartphone users are using mobile wallets – and growing – and they are 94% likely to save personalized mobile wallet offers and coupons. Mobile wallets (Google Wallet, Apple Wallet) offer the ability to retain discounts, movie ticket purchases and flight boarding passes as well as being enabled for online shopping. Incorporating this element into your direct mail piece allows you to give your audience the added value of convenience while allowing you to track the effectiveness of each piece sent.

By simply creating a wallet-exclusive offer through a specific URL tagged to each DM piece, you create the best scenario for user and company alike, increasing response and redemption rates as well as generating better user experiences for repeat business.

Text Me

Apps and social networking are a great way to engage, but never underestimate the power of a text message. Direct mail marketers looking to gain a mobile edge can introduce campaigns that urge consumers to text a given word to a specified easy-to-remember phone number. Then, users agree to receive SMS messages in which they can be the first to learn about sales or get special coupon codes. What’s more, since you’re using a special phone number to conduct SMS marketing, it’s easy to track which offers are producing the best results.

Overall, direct mail used in concert with mobile marketing opens up a world of possibilities for engaging with your customers and selling your products or services. Furthermore, this marketing combo is beneficial across all age groups, giving you the opportunity to satiate younger, mobile-friendly customers and initiate older, and perhaps less tech-savvy ones.

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