Google Chrome Autocomplete Feature Now Available on Mobile

Team frank

Good news for websites whose goal completion relies on filling out forms. Google recently announced that web browser Google Chrome now fully supports their “autocomplete” feature for mobile devices.

Autocomplete was first rolled out by Google three years ago and offers many advantages – for both user and website. Filling out web forms can be tedious, as it requires users to enter in common information over and over. This repetitious process can also lead to information error – users who are quickly filling out generic information may not notice that they’ve accidentally entered in the wrong zip code or left a letter off their email address. Autocomplete saves users from having to retype their personal information on every form by remembering users’ basic information and autofilling the forms for them. This is also beneficial for businesses, as it cuts back on user error rate. It can also persuade users not to fill in forms with false information as all their real information is ready to be filled in and submitted with just one click.

While this has been a common feature on desktop and laptop browsers for a few years now, it hasn’t been supported on mobile – until now. This new change will help increase mobile form completions and have a major effect on website usability. Despite the gravity of its impact, all that is required is a minor tweak to the code of the form without changing the user interface or the backend.

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