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It’s not enough to write compelling marketing emails. Not even close. Because long before the human on the other end filters your message, their email server has already filtered it. And probably sent it to the junk folder. That’s why you need a well-qualified email marketing agency on your side.

And that’s where our expertise shines. We are experts at working all best practices to ensure we’re not spamming, not filtered and not ignored. After all, it’s not an inbox if you don’t get in.

Of course once you do get in, email remains one of the most effective 1:1 digital channels, especially once an initial relationship has been formed and as you nurture prospects along to new customers.

Research shows that people only take 2.7 seconds to decide if they will read, forward or delete a message. You often won’t even get past the subject line in the recipient’s inbox before they hit the delete button. So as a stand-alone channel for prospecting, it’s tough.

That’s why we integrate email support with your other marketing channels as another entry point for initiating a conversation. Once you engage with a potential customer via email, its permission-based nature keeps it firmly atop the 1:1 digital marketing strategies because these individuals are opting in to have a relationship with your brand.

We help build that relationship by deploying both trigger-based emails and campaign-specific formats using industry best practices to optimize deliverability. Offer testing and dynamic messaging help increase response. And we implement responsive email design, ensuring that the emails will look great when opened on any screen size or device.

Our comprehensive email marketing services include:

  • Emarketing strategy ─ including lifecycle email marketing campaigns
  • Creative services ─ including template design and content development
  • List growth and management ─ including list subscription strategies, list churn reduction and list maintenance/hygiene
  • Deliverability solutions ─ following best practices including anti-spam, processing unsubscribes and purging undeliverable email addresses
  • Campaign deployment ─ using our in-house deployment tool


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