The Paid Trifecta: How PPC, Display Ads and Paid Social Work Together

The Paid Trifecta
Kim Velten March 23rd, 2017

They say good things come in threes. That things in threes are inherently better, more effective, and more satisfying than all other number of things. We could go on about the lore of threes found throughout history; the Trinity, the Triad, the Illuminati. But we’re really only here to talk about one particularly powerful trio: … Continue reading “The Paid Trifecta: How PPC, Display Ads and Paid Social Work Together”

Twitter & Periscope Announce Live 360 Video

Social Media Live Video
Allie McDowell December 29th, 2016

Throughout 2016, the big social networks like Facebook, YouTube and now Twitter, have been advancing users’ video capabilities to give their fans and followers a front-row seat to their experiences with live video. Yesterday, Twitter and Periscope announced a new feature that would allow users to share immersive experiences with their followers: live 360 video. … Continue reading “Twitter & Periscope Announce Live 360 Video”

Facebook Rolls Out Page Layout Changes

Facebook Page Layout Changes
Allie McDowell August 17th, 2016

Facebook has been making some changes to how users are seeing Pages. Some members of team frank began noticing changes on July 21, but it wasn’t until August 9 that the new layout for Facebook Pages became widespread. Facebook hasn’t officially announced much about these changes – other than a few updates to the sizes … Continue reading “Facebook Rolls Out Page Layout Changes”

Instagram Unveils New Stories Feature

Instagram Stories update
Allie McDowell August 11th, 2016

Last week, Instagram launched its latest feature, Instagram Stories, which allows users to share images or 10-second videos that will disappear in 24 hours. Sound familiar? It should. It’s very similar to Snapchat’s story feature (though without all the playful animated filters). According to Instagram, the new Stories feature allows users to “share all the … Continue reading “Instagram Unveils New Stories Feature”

Facebook’s Algorithm Change and What It Means for Brands

Facebook update
Allie McDowell July 7th, 2016

On June 29, Facebook announced it would be changing its algorithm associated with users’ newsfeeds. The change will prioritize posts from family and friends over posts from publishers, brands and other pages. The idea behind the change is that the platform was “built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family.” The social … Continue reading “Facebook’s Algorithm Change and What It Means for Brands”