LinkedIn Launches Video Ads

Madison Rohr
LinkedIn Launches Video Ads

We’ve all been waiting and they’re finally here; video ads on LinkedIn. The social media platform has finally joined the video craze by offering video advertisements for sponsored content. Businesses also have the option to add video to their company pages. LinkedIn believes this addition will generate 5x more conversation for companies as opposed to other content types.

Sponsored video content ads are those that can be posted and placed in the news feed as standalone posts. The videos continually showcase a call to action button that will capture leads for the business throughout video playtime. This sponsored content can be targeted by a variety of demographics and the overall ad performance can be measured through several different insights, like: who is watching, who is engaging and who is converting.

Along with performance statistics, an option for businesses to view a breakdown of leads, people who sign-up, website visits, etc. will be available as generated by these sponsored advertisements.

LinkedIn will be slowly making videos for sponsored content and company pages available to all businesses throughout the next several weeks, so keep a lookout!

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