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Web Development Services
Web Development Services

Bringing Your Vision to Life with The Frank Agency’s Web Development Services

Crafting online experiences isn’t just something we dabble in. We live and breathe it.

You could say that we’re just as much a web design agency as we are a marketing agency. Because that’s how much experience and expertise we bring to the table when it comes to developing and designing unique, intuitive sites that engage your users.

Our goal is to develop online experiences that are responsive, amplify the most relevant content, leverage new and emerging technologies ─ and in today’s environment are mobile-first. So you’ll not only stand out, but stand apart, from the competition when you use a web design agency.

We’ve taken our B2B and direct marketing roots and retooled them to be powerful forces in the digital age. To be blunt, our websites and apps aren’t just beautiful to look at – they function beautifully, too. They’re developed to convert, to drive inquiries, to make it easy for buyers to find and purchase what they need, no matter the platform.

The frank Process

Every web design agency approaches web development differently. We prefer to take a highly data-driven, systematic approach known as the “Waterfall” method. All this means is that we perform our development in a structured way, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed and no stone unturned.

Under this principle, our development consists of a linear process that follows these basic overarching steps:

  • Initial concepting: This is the part where we ask you a thousand questions to get at the heart of what you want from your site. (Well, maybe not a thousand, but enough that we can truly ensure that we’re understanding your needs.)
  • Testing and analysis: Next, we perform UI/UX testing on your current site to see where your hang-ups are. After all, you can’t diagnose a problem if you don’t do a little troubleshooting first.
  • Design: Now we get into the look and feel of the website. We go back to your initial statements on how you want the site to look and create wireframe mock-ups, keeping in mind your brand standards and any other design and interface requirements you have.
  • Construction: This is where it gets into the nitty-gritty. We start developing files around the design concepts – giving you your site. Did we mention we can work in a variety of coding languages? Well, we can. Which means we’ll do our work in whatever way makes life easier for you in the long run.
  • QA testing: No project is complete without a little quality assurance. We perform multiple rounds of QA testing to make sure your site is up and running smoothly – and at its optimum user-friendliness.
  • Launch: This is the digital marketing equivalent of dropping a hit single. Your site goes live, and you glory in that moment when all of your hard work comes together.
  • Maintenance: Your glory moment won’t last forever. There’s always more you can do to optimize and increase conversion rates. Which is why we also provide the ongoing testing and maintenance your site needs to perform at its very best and deliver increasing returns on your investment.

Where We Stand Out as a Web Design Agency

All this is fine and good, but you may not see how it makes us more competent than all the other web design agencies out there. Allow us to go beyond the bare methodology and show you why our web development services stand out from all the rest.

We’re data-driven from end to end. From the moment we begin UI/UX testing, we’re gathering data which we’ll use throughout the development process far into the maintenance stage. We’re digging into the science of why users are converting (or not). And we’re using that knowledge to craft the most efficient and effective website possible.

We involve our clients from the very beginning all the way through deployment. Science and data are nothing without heart – which is why our clients are involved in the process from the get-go. This is your baby. We aim to bring your project to life in a way that shows the human touch behind the technology.

We do our development in-house. Not to brag, but we have a pretty outstanding team of web designers at our agency. Their combined experience in digital design, information technology and web design gives us everything we need to develop a site that’s totally unique – not from a template. (Unless you want a template. We can do that too.)

We’re well versed in many development languages. Not only is our team in-house – but it also consists of some super-smart people that know various coding languages, which gives us even more flexibility to meet your specific technological needs.

We do far, far more than just web development. When you ask us to develop something for you, you’re going to get far more options than you anticipated. Here’s the short list of everything we can do for you:

  • Website design and usability analysis
  • Responsive website development
  • CMS/third-party systems integration
  • Search engine optimization and SEO-enhanced copywriting
  • Web application development
  • Creative development
  • Information and technical architecture
  • UX/UI development, assessment and heat mapping
  • Mobile application development
  • E-marketing integration
  • Tracking, reporting and analytics integration
  • Website hosting

Best of all, our services are seamlessly integrated across strategy, creative, IT, development and production. This approach puts the focus where it should be ─ on your prospects and customers. And when you prioritize the goals, desires and needs of your actual targets and design around them, you’ll be assured of success every time.

Contact us today and make frank your new web design agency.

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