WordPress 5.0 Coming Soon What to Expect

Britt Desbien

WordPress has been one of the more popular content management systems for 14 years. According to a recent study, WordPress powers 29% of all websites on the internet (w3 Techs, 2017). Historically, WordPress releases updates on a monthly basis that consist of small bug fixes, security updates, and plug-in compatibility improvements. With WordPress 5.0 slated for release next month (December 2017), the changes are anything but small. Take a look and some of the highlights of what to expect with this release.

Adding Content Overhaul

WordPress is doing a complete 180 in terms of how users add content to their blogs and/or websites. The traditional text editor that is very Microsoft Word like is being replaced with a block-based content editor. The content editor known as Gutenberg empowers users to select individual content blocks from a number of options such as freeform, images, lists, headings and quotes within one website page. Early users have likened the user experience to the popular email service provider MailChimp (Digital Reader, 2017).

Why Change?

With competition from other content management systems such as SquareSpace, the company wanted to provide its users with greater customization options. The increased need for security was also an area where WordPress wanted to see improvement. Security measures such as recommending websites with an SSL Certificate as well as two-factor authentication are areas that WordPress will continue to emphasize.

Advantages of Gutenburg text editor

According to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, “The Gutenberg Editor will eliminate the need for shortcodes and custom HTML to create dynamic content.” WordPress touts that users will finally be able to build the sites they see in their imaginations and in many cases eliminate the need for a website developer. It appears that WordPress has heard Google’s call for mobile first loud and clear. How you make updates on desktop and mobile in WordPress 5.0 will more closely resemble one another providing the website developer more flexibility.

Change can often be intimidating but overall feedback from users that have tested WordPress 5.0 has been extremely positive. Like it or not it’s coming so embracing early will benefit your website and/or blog. Do you need a web development agency with knowledge and experience? Contact The frank Agency today for unparalleled web design and development.

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