How to Upgrade Your Direct Mail Envelopes to Improve Response Rates

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How to Upgrade Your Direct Mail Envelopes to Improve Response Rates

As direct mail recipients are bombarded by hundreds of pieces of direct mail each year, yours need to stand out from the crowd. The more attention it garners, the more likely it is to be opened, and the more likely it is to be read.

While there are many tactics to boost the response rate of a direct mail campaign, one of the simplest and most effective is to entice the recipient with an eye-catching envelope. Here are some quick and easy tips to upgrade the envelopes of your direct mail campaign.

  • Texture Matters – Plain, smooth paper is easy to overlook. But a slick, magazine-like envelope or one with a textured grain will feel different to someone as they take the mail out of the box or sort through the day’s deliveries. By using a different texture, you will immediately stand out from other envelopes.
  • Consider Your Color Scheme – The colors you choose are important. If you can utilize the same colors of your branding on your envelope, it will immediately allow the recipient to associate your mail with your brand.
  • Make it Official – If you can make the envelope look important or official, you may get a better response. After all, if the recipient thinks the contents could be important based on the packaging, they will have to open it to make sure.
  • Translucent is not Invisible – If your mailing is bright and colorful, a translucent envelope may be a good choice. The envelope will be much different than others, and the recipient will be excited by the interesting contents.
  • Hand Address It – An envelope that has been hand addressed will look more significant and personalized than one with a standard printed name and address. Make sure you get the name right!
  • Stamp It – While printed postage is easy, a real stamp is another way to make your envelope stand out. If you do use printed postage, adding a sticker or another addition is a good choice.

There are many ways that you can upgrade the look and feel of an envelope to boost response rate. Just remember, the content of your mailer is what’s most important, so be sure most of your efforts are placed there.

When you get the hang of these techniques, you’ll be amazed by how effective direct mail can really be. Contact The frank Agency for help with your own direct mail marketing!

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