Getting the Most Out of Your Ads on Instagram

Vanessa Koonce

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that immersive, full-screen vertical ads are available in Instagram Stories, giving marketers an exciting new method of reaching their targeted demographics.

This new ad format is a great way for pages to gain exposure on Instagram even though they may not have their owned Instagram account established. Here’s how it works:

A Facebook account is needed to create ads that run on Instagram Stories, but an owned Instagram account is not required.

As users move from one story to another, these ads auto-play and can be up to 15 seconds in length. The ads are signified by a small “Sponsored” tag. The ads are able to use the same targeting and reach capabilities available in other ad formats on Facebook and Instagram.

By default, these ads play with sound and are skipable by users. Brands cannot include hyperlinks to drive traffic to another site at this time, but these ads may still be useful for promoting brand awareness.

How to Get Started

Take the following steps to run your own ads through Instagram Stories:

    1. Check to see if this feature has been rolled out to your account. If this feature is available to you, navigate to your Ads Manager account in Facebook.
    2. Create your ad. Be sure to select your objective (reach, video views, conversions, app installs, or traffic).
    3. After your ad has been created, select the Edit Placements option and then choose Instagram placement. Once you’ve chosen the Instagram placement you can click the Stories option.
    4. Lastly, complete the rest of the steps to finish building your ad campaign!

According to Facebook, “Ads in Instagram Stories use the same targeting and measurement tools as ads that run in Feed on Facebook and Instagram. You can capture audiences who have seen ads in their stories and target them on Facebook or Instagram feed. You can also run stories ads targeted at audiences that have seen your ad on Facebook or Instagram feed.”

Increased visibility and the ability to measure success? What’s not to love?

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