How to Ensure Your Direct-Mail Marketing is Reaching Targeted Recipients

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Even in a world where mobile devices are prevalent, direct mail marketing is still one of the absolute best ways to connect with new customers and remain in the minds of those you’ve worked with before. However, because there is a cost involved with any marketing program, you want to make sure your direct mail is delivered to the correct recipient. We’ve put together a few suggestions that will make certain your marketing collateral is reaching the intended recipients.

  • Create a Buyer Persona – Before you send out the first postcard or mailer, spend some time working up a “sketch” of who you think your ideal customer would be. The development of the persona is the time to look deep into your product or service and figure out who is most likely to purchase from you. Then, you can build a much more powerful list of potential customers. You’ll be able to save money by not sending out mailings blindly.
  • Get the Message Seen – No matter who you decide to send your marketing collateral too, getting it seen is vital. Make sure your basic message is simple and straightforward and that your delivery is captivating. By doing this, you are more likely to reach your audience and make a splash—something that is important whether you are selling directly or trying to build leads.
  • Track It – It may seem obvious, but tracking the results of your direct mail campaign may be the simplest and best way to make sure your mailings are getting to the intended recipient. When you have a tracking mechanism included (such as a unique web address or “code”), you’ll be able to categorize who is responding and make future marketing efforts even more effective.
  • Follow Up – Follow up with your marketing. Don’t be afraid to ask if the message is getting to the right place. After all, not only will you see if your message is reaching the right audience, it opens lines of communication that may not have otherwise opened. Social media is a great way to do this and can help you pull together your direct mail message with your online campaigns.

Getting your direct mail marketing materials to the intended recipient is important for many reasons. However, the most vital reason comes down to money. You want the highest ROI possible for all of your marketing campaigns. By identifying who you want to send your direct mailings to and making sure that they are received and responded to, you’ll boost your ROI and ultimately your company’s bottom line.

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