Don’t Rush Your Direct-Mail Marketing Campaign – Avoid These Easy-to-Overlook Errors

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Getting all the variables right with your direct-mail marketing campaign requires careful execution, with the key word being “careful.”

It’s common for novice marketers to miss a few steps and end up botching a potentially effective campaign. This generally happens when you rush to get your marketing materials into the hands of the consumer.

Your direct-mail marketing campaign doesn’t have to go awry. Take your time and execute a successful campaign by checking the most essential steps off your marketing to-do list. Here are some of the most common errors that can lead toward disappointing results.

Not Proofreading

Let’s squash the myth that your audience won’t judge your book by its cover—they will. The materials you send out are your “cover,” per se. When the message includes misspellings or obvious grammatical errors, a large portion of your audience will not have a good impression about your company. Failing to thoroughly proofread and edit your campaign makes you look unprofessional, causing your customers to wonder what other corners you’ll cut.

Leaving Out Your CTA

The singular purpose of marketing is to get your customers to take action. Yet, too many pieces of direct mail enter mailboxes without making that purpose clear. Do you want customers to join your email list, visit your website, or use your catalog as a coaster for their morning cup of coffee? If you don’t tell them exactly what you want them to do, you can’t blame them when no one responds.

Forgetting to Test

Your in-house copywriter and designer developed an engaging mailer for a mouthwatering offer. You print thousands of copies and quickly get them out to the post. The problem? You failed to test the offer. How can you know if that so-called engaging offer is really going to strike home with your audience if you don’t split-test it against a different offer (i.e. Offer A versus Offer B). Thorough testing is the only way to know what sort of messages your audience will be most responsive to.

Not Updating Your List

Sure, it can be a challenge to stay on top of your customer database when it includes thousands and thousands of customers. But doing so can potentially save you just as much money. If your current list isn’t up-to-date, you could be sending materials to the wrong address or to deceased customers. Find a service that helps you regularly clean up your list so your materials reach the right customers.

Failing to Integrate Multiple Channels

When a customer holds your direct mail in their hands, they arrive at a crossroads. You can maintain your relationship with them through this singular channel, or you can spread out into others. Direct-mail marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with your customer base, but don’t stop there. Some customers respond well to letters, while others want to engage with you through other channels like email or social media.

Use the opportunity to market across as many channels as you can by asking them to follow you on Instagram or join your email list to receive a weekly newsletter. The more points of connection you have, the more they will recognize and resonate with your brand.

This list could go on and on as there are many factors to create a successful direct-mail marketing campaign. But if you hit the mark with these five frequently overlooked steps, you’re more likely to get the response you’re looking for.

Find out how The frank Agency ensures all direct-mail campaigns are composed and delivered with care by contacting our direct-mail marketing agency today!

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