YouTube Custom Intent Benefits Direct Response Advertisers

YouTube Marketing Services
Renee Bolling May 3rd, 2018

Google recently announced enhancements to improve direct-response advertising performance on YouTube by bringing search intent to video. These enhancements include an extension of Custom Intent Audiences to YouTube and TrueView for Action ads. Custom Intent Audiences: Ad targeting on YouTube using data from signed-in Google users has been available since January 2017. The impending extension … Continue reading “YouTube Custom Intent Benefits Direct Response Advertisers”

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Video Mail: The New Trend in Direct Marketing

video mail
Team frank September 27th, 2016

It’s widely known that online videos are popular. In an increasingly busy and technology-laden world, user attention spans have become shorter. We want information, and we want it fast – and increasingly users are turning to video to get that information. It is also well-known that direct mail remains a proven marketing strategy, offering a high … Continue reading “Video Mail: The New Trend in Direct Marketing”

The Interns Get Younger Every Year

Josh Stanze August 24th, 2015

Summer 2015 is coming to a close, and here at The frank Agency we are sad to be saying goodbye to our interns! We are big believers in the intern experience as a valuable contribution to a young professional’s budding career. This year’s interns learned a lot on the job, from how to conduct a … Continue reading “The Interns Get Younger Every Year”

5 Tips for Visual Marketing

Susan Melgren April 22nd, 2015

Digital marketing is moving more toward the visual. Just take a look at the social landscape today. From blogs to social posts, consumers today are choosing to share and engage with content that has high visual appeal over traditional text-based content. Just take a look at these statistics: 63% of social media is now made … Continue reading “5 Tips for Visual Marketing”

4 of the Latest Trends in Mobile Website Design

trends in mobile website design
Team frank February 2nd, 2015

2014 was a terrific year for the web, especially in the area of mobile website design. Mobile web has grown leaps and bounds and will only continue to do so in 2015. Here are some of the dynamic trends that thrived in 2014 and will certainly continue to flourish into the new year. 1. Mobile … Continue reading “4 of the Latest Trends in Mobile Website Design”