The Importance of Paid Content Distribution

Paid Content Distribution
Susan Melgren May 5th, 2016

“If you build it, they will come.” Great movie quote – not such a great content strategy. The marketing industry in general is catching on to the importance of content for attracting and retaining customers. Effective content marketing serves the needs and interests of your customers and can be highly effective if done well. Through … Continue reading “The Importance of Paid Content Distribution”

Snapchat for Brands: A Beginner’s Guide

Snapchat for brands
Allie McDowell April 19th, 2016

By now you’ve probably heard of Snapchat – even if you’re unsure what is, what it does and why on earth anyone would use it. You probably know that it’s popular with a younger demographic (preteens and millennials) – popular enough to the point that many people within that age group are abandoning more traditional … Continue reading “Snapchat for Brands: A Beginner’s Guide”

The Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Marketing

J.J. De Simone January 26th, 2016

“Predictive analytics” is a buzz term circling many industries at the moment. While a lot of companies are interested in employing this new trend for their business, there seems to be some confusion on what benefits predictive analytics can actually provide. If you’ve heard the term and wondered what all the fuss is about, you’re … Continue reading “The Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Marketing”

Top 5 Challenges for Marketing Your National Brand at a Local Level

marketing national brand at local level
Valerie Robertson July 6th, 2015

Every marketing manager is faced with a slew of challenges every day. Those marketing managers tasked with trying to appease their corporate-level boss and their local sales force at the same time end up facing a set of very unique challenges, with solutions that are not so easy to come by. Below are the top … Continue reading “Top 5 Challenges for Marketing Your National Brand at a Local Level”

5 Tips for Visual Marketing

Susan Melgren April 22nd, 2015

Digital marketing is moving more toward the visual. Just take a look at the social landscape today. From blogs to social posts, consumers today are choosing to share and engage with content that has high visual appeal over traditional text-based content. Just take a look at these statistics: 63% of social media is now made … Continue reading “5 Tips for Visual Marketing”