4 Reasons to Hire an Agency for Digital Advertising

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Reasons to Hire an Agency for Digital Advertising

You have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to marketing your business, from which channels to focus your efforts to how much time and money to devote to each. For most companies, the decision to utilize pay-per-click advertising as part of their overall digital marketing campaign is a no-brainer these days: your competitors are using it, and it’s an easy way to reach a targeted audience that you know is interested. The tougher decision is “Do I manage this myself? Or outsource it to a professional?”

If you’ve been managing paid search efforts on your own and are considering switching to an agency, you probably have a lot of questions. We put our heads together here at The frank Agency and compiled a list of the top 4 reasons having an agency manage your digital advertising campaigns is better than managing it in-house. (Please note, for the sake of being unbiased, we have also come up with the top 3 reasons to manage your digital campaigns internally.)

1. Team Of Experts – When you hire a PPC agency, you are hiring an entire team to manage your account as opposed to one person internally. This allows for ideas to be bounced around between team members, and makes it easier to stay up to speed on new trends (which is harder than you may think). With an entire team, you also have the advantage of working with members who have different areas of expertise.

2. Time Is Money – The more time you have to manage other areas of your business, the better off you (and your business) are. Let’s hypothetically say you’re a numbers guy (or gal) who loves to look at the profitability of your business and increase your revenue any way possible. Why not spend your day doing that as opposed to stumbling through setting up and managing digital campaigns? As the old adage goes, you can have your cake and eat it.

3. Better ROI – Not only can you save time, but your company can also become more profitable by hiring a paid search agency. Even with a management fee, companies that hire an agency to manage their digital tactics see their goals and profit margins soar.

4. Have The Proper Tools At Your Fingertips – Have you ever had a problem that you should have called a specialist for, but you tried to do it yourself? Managing your own digital marketing tactics is similar to trying to install a new set of brake pads on your car or hang new cabinets in your kitchen. It’s not a question of if you have the ability to do it with some research and effort; the question is whether or not you have the proper tools, experience and time to do it right. With an agency, you get to take the driver’s seat by communicating your goals to their marketing team, then watch as they improve your profits by increasing your online presence in effective and efficient ways.

There are also some exceptions and reasons that it makes more sense to manage your digital campaigns internally.

1. Your company is Google.

2. You need things to do at work so you don’t get fired.

3. You were just hired from an agency to manage your new company’s digital strategies.

If you are interested in having a team manage your paid search campaigns, contact our full-service agency today to learn more about our paid search and display campaign services.

—By Collin Young, Senior Digital Media Buyer

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