DentalEZ, a manufacturer of dental office furniture and equipment, offers an integrated solution for efficient and organized work environments for dental professionals. The company was evolving, with big growth plans. But with five different brands, multiple company cultures, and many silos, it needed help pulling everyone together to envision the future. Team frank brought its professional dental expertise to DentalEZ in the form of an internal anthem video, designed to get its entire team inspired, excited and involved in The Power of DentalEZ.

Internal Anthem Video

With a big annual meeting coming up, the timing was short and the budget was small… but Team frank helped DentalEZ make a big impact by leveraging stock footage with powerful copy to create a new anthem video all about inspiration, excitement and unity. It’s not focused on DentalEZ’s products… it’s a rallying cry that we’re all in this together, and together we bring “The Power of” to life to make DentalEZ the company it has the power to be.