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Your brand is everything. And we treat it as such. In other words, we do everything in our power to develop a meaningful, resonant brand that customers desire.

Of course, the only way to do that is to create brands of integrity. Brands with an honest point of view and a believable and desirable brand promise.

Now, you can’t seriously call yourself a branding agency unless you establish a serious branding process. We did. And we call it The 4Ds: Discover. Dissect. Define. Develop.

Our 4D process is characterized by two things: the pursuit of insight (understanding the motivational forces behind what consumers think and do) and the transformation of that knowledge into inspiration.

Developing, shaping and building a powerful and successful brand identity starts with a strategic brand analysis. We research your customers’ and prospects’ behaviors and motivations. We study your existing brand image, heritage, strengths and values.

With this information in hand, we develop the pillars of a brand identity system to articulate the brand’s core and identity. And we develop, with our clients, the value proposition that articulates the attributes, functional and emotional benefits and, ultimately, the promise of your brand.

4D Branding deliverables

Brand Architecture: Your positioning statement along with brand essence, values, promise, experience and voice. This document is your brand in shorthand, and it acts as a litmus test for all your communications to ensure brand integrity
Brand Anthem: A short video that brings your brand to life
Brand Bible: A catalog of specifics – from color palettes to correct logo usage sheets, your Brand Bible helps you gain and communicate your brand in all its glory

Our clients call the 4D process remarkable. We'd love to tell you how it works, but it just seems so much easier to show you. Contact us and we'll be happy to share just what a branding agency can do for you.


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