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If a tree falls in a forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, well, then, that tree must have had a pretty lousy media agency.

Amplify Your Brand with The Frank Agency Media Team

For clients seeking the satisfying sounds of crashing timber, however, The frank Agency media team is certainly the right place to make sure you’re making more than a little noise. And that there’s not just someone there to hear it, but the right someone.

In other words, just because we’re a media agency doesn’t mean we don’t have some pretty damned good preachers. Because our media department knows the strengths – and weaknesses – of all mediums, they have allegiance to none. Well, none but the right ones for your brand and message. And when they help spread the good news about your brand, they’re always on-target, with media spend that’s both measurable and optimizable by design.

Our Unique Approach to Traditional Media Sets Us Apart

What truly sets our team apart, especially in the world of direct response, is a unique approach that marries Direct and Brand strategies. It puts a laser-like focus on results, but always with a nod to building the brand while making the sale or getting the lead. It’s not just bending the rules of traditional media buying, it’s breaking things up and taking down names – specifically, the names of customers ready to buy.

Are you ready to make a little noise?

Thought so. Give our traditional media agency team a call, and let us show you how a new way of seeing media opens up a new way of breaking down sales barriers.


Looking for an Agency?
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Finding just the right marketing partner can be an exhausting experience of RFPs, interviews, presentations and deliberations.

Or, it can be a phone call.

Well, at least it can start that way. And we’d love to get started with you. So, go ahead, push a few buttons and talk to us. We won’t ask you to guarantee that you’ll hire us. But, if you do, we guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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