Promotion Spotlight: Q1 and Q2 2016

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The frank Agency Promotion Spotlight

The first part of 2016 has already seen an array of talent at the agency recognized for their hard work. Check out these recent promotions at The frank Agency:

Collin Young, Digital Media Manager

Collin Young: Promoted to Digital Media Manager

Collin joined The frank Agency about three years ago when Andrew Booth, Senior Vice President of Interactive, invited him to join the growing Digital Media Team. “I worked with Andrew prior to The frank Agency, and I had a lot of respect for him. When he called me to see if I was interested in coming to work with him again, it was a pretty easy decision. The Digital team was fairly small when I started here, so I knew it would be a great opportunity to grow.”

Since joining the agency, Collin has been instrumental in helping not only his team grow, but helping his clients’ businesses grow as well. During his time at The frank Agency, Collin said he has learned new ways to analyze the performance of campaigns, as well as new ways to conduct digital tests to show clients exactly what their money is getting them. “I have been able to work with a handful of clients to help them grow their profitability every year. That’s something I’m really proud of. It is very rewarding to know that you have had a hand in helping companies grow!”

Collin says that in his new role as Digital Media Manager he hopes to continue helping his clients – and helping his team become better digital media buyers every day.
Marlee Hale, SEO Manager

Marlee Hale: Promoted to SEO Manager

Over the last year, Marlee has done a great job leading the SEO team from within. On top of keeping a great attitude when the pressure is on and the projects are piling up, Marlee has become the go-to person on the SEO team. She has helped transform the team’s capabilities in several areas, including reporting, analytics and auditing. The accounts she has managed have obviously benefited from her expertise as they have all met or exceeded monthly or yearly goals during her time at the agency.

Marlee has big goals for her new role. “I hope to continue to build upon the foundation that we have as a team,” she says. “I want to expand upon our reporting capabilities, and provide more insights to our clients and internal teams. Another goal of mine is to continue education within the team. I look forward to working closely with the great people of The frank Agency to learn from each other, and outside influencers.”
Michael Link, Controller

Michael Link: Promoted to Controller

Since joining The frank Agency a little over a year ago, Michael has made great strides in managing the agency’s accounting department. One of Michael’s biggest accomplishments since joining the agency was helping to bring the trustee responsibility of the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) in-house – a major undertaking!

Before coming to TfA, Michael worked for three and a half years as a staff accountant at another advertising agency. “It was during this time that I learned the ins and outs of an advertising agency – at least from a financial standpoint.”

In his new role as Controller, Michael says he hopes to continue to make sure that, from a financial standpoint, the company is run responsibly and with integrity. “As the company grows, I want to look for new ways to make the company run more efficiently.”
Peter Rittmann, Account Executive

Peter Rittmann: Promoted to Account Executive

From strengthening relationships with his clients to helping deliver impressive reporting results, Peter has been instrumental on his client’s account. Without a doubt, Peter’s diligent efforts are helping to move his account forward in big ways. In addition to his strong work ethic, Peter is also the smile we all look forward to every day, and his customers sing his praises regarding his thoroughness, chipper personality and dependability.
Ashley Toy

Ashley Toy: Promoted to Assistant Account Executive

Ashley joined The frank Agency a little over a year ago as an Account Representative, and since that time has consistently shown growth, tenacity and ambition with her client. How better to harness those strengths than to invite her to officially join the Account Service team?

Ashley first fell in love with advertising in college. “When I was at K-State, I took a class called Retail Marketing,” Ashley says. “A section of that course was focused on neuromarketing, something I came to love and do a lot of research on. Since then, I became obsessed with all things marketing and advertising.”

In her new role as Assistant Account Executive, Ashley hopes to keep learning more about the industry and to grow as a marketer and advertiser – all while providing the client with exceptional service.


Congratulations to Collin, Michael, Marlee, Peter and Ashley! In the words of VP Alex Gibson, “Supporting our colleagues as we all grow with our clients each day is the very best part of being a member of team frank. We really do have the best and brightest as our peers!”

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