Promotion Spotlight: Brian Grubb, Susanne Kelly and Bill Caton

Team frank

One of the great things about working at The frank Agency is the amount of talent we are surrounded by every day. Great talent – and hard work – doesn’t go unnoticed at The frank Agency – so it’s no surprise that the last few months have seen a slew of well-deserved promotions! We want to take a moment to acknowledge those members of team frank that have been honored with a new title in the last couple quarters and highlight some of their accomplishments.

Brian Grubb: Promoted to Associate Creative Director

During his four years at The frank Agency, Brian has been an invaluable member of the Creative team, leading the charge on many client initiatives. Brian’s passion for design shows through in every aspect of his work. “I’ve really enjoyed being part of a bigger team: drawing from multiple specialties and points of view for larger, more effective campaign work,” Brian says. “I’ve been lucky to be a part of campaigns that have been big hits in the market: working with traditional components but growing in interactivity and video.”

Brian began drawing and painting from an early age, but it wasn’t until an introductory drawing class in college that he realized the impact that art could have:

“In one of my first drawing classes we submitted our first piece for critique. Mine and one other were picked as ‘the best in class’ by students. The teacher singled ours out from the rest in critique. She reviewed everyone else’s with insight and thoughts about how the pieces made her feel – how she realized passion, emotion, what lasting impression they left. And then she pointed to the two picked as ‘best’ by the class. She called us out, “You two can draw. So what? Good for you. Now – go make me FEEL something, make me THINK about something, challenge how I see something and let me see it all new.”

It seems simplistic now, but it opened my eyes to the fact that words and pictures matter. They communicate. In a deep, profound way that I had often failed to realize. I love being part of an industry where the goal is to educate, move you, make you act.”

Brian’s passion for the work, keen sense of design and easy-going nature all factored into the decision to promote him to ACD. Executive Vice President and Creative Director Tom Stofac says he looks forward to Brian’s counsel, assistance and enthusiasm as we continue striving to make The frank Agency the best it can be. And Brian seems on-board with that sentiment. When asked what he hopes to accomplish in this new role, he answered, “The way we communicate continues to evolve with technology and social trends. It cycles back to the advice of the Drawing 101 teacher: we need to make you FEEL, THINK, and see something new. And that’s my ongoing challenge!”

Susanne Kelly: Promoted to Senior Account Representative

Susanne has been with The frank Agency for close to two years now. During her time at the agency, Susanne has demonstrated leadership in her relationship management role, helping to support one of our biggest clients and grow their business. In her new role as a Senior Account Rep Susanne said she is looking forward to learning the best practices of a leader.

“The frank Agency has taught me that there are companies out there that actually believe in their employees, and will fully give them opportunities to foster personal success,” Susanne says.

Bill Caton: Promoted to Senior Digital Media Buyer

Bill’s first job in the industry was actually as an SEO Specialist, but when offered the opportunity to switch to online media buying, Bill jumped at the chance to learn something new – and has been enjoying it ever since.

“I like digital media because it’s much more data-driven, which allows us to go to our clients with more concrete numbers in terms of their return on investment,” Bill says. “It’s nice to be able to communicate specific ways in which our efforts have improved our clients’ businesses. I love knowing that I’ve definitely helped my client.”

Bill has been at The frank Agency close to a year and a half, and during his time here has been a great asset to his team. With the skills he has brought to the Digital Media team, Bill has been able to make big improvements in campaign performance and client relationships – including reducing one client’s monthly spend by 60% while maintaining a steady lead flow. Did we mention that Bill was also Employee of the Month last April?

Bill says that in his new role he is looking forward to continuing to improve his clients’ efficiencies and see how much the numbers improve each month this year in comparison to last. “I’m also looking forward to getting started on new clients and working to overcome the unique challenges that they’ll have.”

Congratulations Brian, Susanne and Bill! Each of your promotions is well-deserved, and we can’t wait to see what you do next.

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