Promotion Spotlight: Brett McAtee, Caesar Smith

Team frank
Brett M. and Caesar

At The frank Agency we believe in giving credit where credit is due – which is why we like to announce recent promotions. In the last couple months, two members of team frank have taken the initiative to increase their skills in new areas of marketing. Their due credit? New roles on new teams! Join us as we take a moment to acknowledge those employees who have been honored with a new title, and learn more about their journeys to those roles.

Brett McAtee: Promoted to Digital Media Buyer

Brett first joined The frank Agency as an Account Representative, where he not only proved himself a great asset to his own team, but also showed his value – and ability to multitask – by assisting on side projects for other departments. Brett’s willingness to help out other departments naturally parlayed into a greater interest in other areas of marketing. “Helping out on other projects in the agency gave me a good feel for areas of interest in which I could grow and develop,” Brett says.

One of the areas Brett became interested in learning more about was digital marketing. Over the past several months, Brett took the initiative and began learning more about paid and organic search, sitting in with various members of the digital marketing team to better understand what they do and starting on the path towards AdWords certification. “I’m interested in what goes on behind the scenes in marketing and the analytical nature of digital media buying.”

Caesar Smith: Promoted to Account Representative

When Brett joined the digital media team, he opened up a spot on the account rep team – and who better to fill that vacancy than former intern Caesar Smith? Caesar joined The frank Agency at the start of the summer, interning with the account services and project management departments. Caesar quickly made a name for himself as a rock star intern, so it was only logical that we find a permanent home for him in our frank family – and Caesar seems to be on board with that, too!

“The size of the agency and the reputation of the work The frank Agency had done was what originally drew me here,” Caesar says. “While interning I found that the people, the way TfA handles its clients, and the atmosphere would be a great fit for me to gain experience and provide a great opportunity for me to learn and grow!” And even though he’s only been here a short time, Caesar says he’s already learned a lot: “I have learned that building a great relationship with clients is one of the most important things that an agency and a marketer can do. I have also learned that Excel skills are a major key!” (So true, Caesar.)

Caesar’s new supervisor, Valerie Robertson, says that Caesar’s friendly disposition and dedication to his tasks will serve him well as he works with his new dealers, whom Caesar seems excited to work with. “I hope to pick up where Brett McAtee left off and help our dealers continue to improve their sales. I want to build great relationships with my dealers and help them see the tremendous value that we can add to their business. I also hope to learn more about how agencies function overall.”

Please join us in congratulating both Brett and Caesar on these well-deserved promotions!

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