The Importance of Having a Content Strategy in 2015

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With the new year upon us, it is time to think about your marketing calendar for 2015. January will be here before you know it, so now is your chance to build your customer base for a profitable 2015. With content marketing becoming one of the most important methods for reaching customers and prospects, putting a strategic plan into place for your content creation and distribution will maximize its effectiveness.

Content Marketing Cohesiveness

Content marketing works best if it is used in a strategic, cohesive manner. Distributing related content in a range of channels as a marketing unit can exponentially increase your brand’s visibility. Part of your plan requires a measured study into who your best customers are, and why. Learning the particulars of who likes to buy your product or service and then discovering where those types of people hang out will help you direct your content to the right places.

Targeted Content

Content needs to be directed to your ideal customer in the places where you expect to find them. For instance, if your demographic consists of people in their 50s, they are less likely to spend time on Tumblr as opposed to Facebook. However, you won’t know this for sure without testing and research.

Branding Through Content

Online content can help you define your brand and how it is seen by the public. With a strategic plan, you can carefully design and place pieces of content to appear in specific locations, both online and offline. Your content can spread the story in bits and pieces, telling who you are and what your company stands for. However, a haphazard approach will not create the same effect.

PPC and Display Ads

Part of your decision-making process needs to be whether you should pay for content marketing channels and, if so, how much. There are many channels that are free to use, yet can be used more effectively with paid tools. If you are a novice at choosing these channels, consult with an expert. A consultant can help you wade through the channels and methodology to draw up a coherent, manageable plan within your budget that will produce the desired results.

The Value of Third-Party Management

One advantage of third-party consulting and management of your content marketing is that a third party is less vested in an idea that your company has developed. It may be that a marketing executive in your company is set on working with a content plan that is not the best one available. Or he or she might be in love with a marketing concept that won’t work with a particular channel or demographic. Getting fresh eyes on your plan both before and during implementation will help you fine-tune and test each piece of content for effectiveness.

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