Facebook Rolls Out Page Layout Changes

Allie McDowell

Facebook has been making some changes to how users are seeing Pages. Some members of team frank began noticing changes on July 21, but it wasn’t until August 9 that the new layout for Facebook Pages became widespread.

Facebook hasn’t officially announced much about these changes – other than a few updates to the sizes of the Facebook Cover Photos in their help center – but we believe they might be making these changes to make it easier for users to distinguish between user profiles and brand Pages. Below is a list of the differences users can expect to see moving forward.

Desktop Changes

The frank Agency Facebook Page Layout change

Profile Photo: The profile photo is no longer displayed on top of the cover image, but has been moved to a new left-hand column. This column, which includes the profile photo and navigation tabs, is fixed, so the image and tabs remain displayed as users scroll down the Page.

Navigation Tabs: These tabs are no longer shown below the cover image and have been moved to the left-hand column under the profile image. The new placement of these tabs now allows for more options instead of requiring users to click “more” for additional navigation tabs.

Cover Photo: The dimensions have been updated to 828 x 315 pixels (previously 851 x 315 pixels). With the profile image moved, the cover photo is now fully displayed and much cleaner.

Call-to-Action Button: The call-to-action button has moved to just below the right-hand side of the cover image, rather than being displayed on top of the cover image. To draw more attention to it, Facebook has increased its size and updated the color of the call-to-action button.

Like Message and More Buttons: These buttons have moved to just below the left-hand side of the cover image rather than being displayed on top of the cover image.

The frank Agency Facebook Page Layout changes

Page category, About, Map, Photos and Videos: These additional assets all appear on the right-hand side now. However, other than the Page categorization with the rating being more prominent, the layout of these assets still remains the same.

Domain Ads: These ads are no long visible on the right-hand sides of Pages. Users will only be able to see these ads in their own newsfeed.

Mobile Changes

The frank Agency Facebook Page layout changes on mobile

The new changes are also affecting how users view Pages in mobile.

Cover Photo: Similar to the desktop view, users are now able to see the full cover image.

Profile Photo: The profile photo has been moved below with the Page name and @username being displayed to the right side.

Call-To-Action & Like, Message, Share Buttons: The call-to-action, Like, Message, and Share buttons have all been reduced in size. The call-to-action appears as an actual button instead of the lower-end of the cover image.

The frank Agency Facebook page on mobile

Page Classification: The Page classification is now being displayed below the navigation buttons instead of below the Page name.

Navigation Options: The navigation buttons now appear just below the Page classification making it easier for users to see them without having to scroll. As the user scrolls down the Page, these buttons remain static to the top like they do on the left-hand side of the desktop view.

About Section: The About section now displays the first 4 full lines of text from the Page’s description and grays out the remaining text. If the gray text is selected, the rest of the about section is displayed.

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