Direct Mail Strategies for an Election Year

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mail box full of direct mail pieces

Direct-mail marketers are under constant pressure to try out new messaging, offers, formats and strategies when driving leads and sales for their products and services. Standing out and standing apart in the mailbox is an even bigger challenge in an election year ― in the last presidential election cycle, over 2.8 billion political mail pieces were sent, and that volume is holding steady, if not increasing, in 2016 even with the heightened use of digital and social media channels. The competition for recipients’ attention is fierce, but staying the course with a few election-year adjustments will keep your direct mail efforts producing results despite the influx of political mail.

Be Conservative with Your Testing

Continue to test, but with a conservative approach and smaller test cells. This limits your exposure with a new list, offer or format in a mailbox that could be saturated with political campaign materials.

Avoid Peak Political Mailing Periods

It’s important to pay attention to election schedules before direct mail is sent. Although political mail is processed by the USPS the same as all other mail, the increased volume, particularly in the two weeks before election day, can slow down your delivery times. At the same time, response rates can drop as your mail piece is competing for your prospects’ attention. Although the holiday season starts right after, consider having your direct mail pieces hit just after the election when volume is back to more normal levels.

Use Design to Your Advantage

Design is incredibly important when it comes to marketing during an election. Since political campaigns tend to use colors such as red, white and blue, a unique color scheme and creative imagery will help break up the monotonous mailings people are receiving during election season and get your mailing noticed. In fact, your non-political mailing just might be a welcome diversion.

Tap into Direct Mail Experts

In today’s fast-evolving media landscape, direct mail continues to be a workhorse in your marketing mix. And with 35 years’ of proven success in the art and science of direct mail, the TfA team stands ready to help take your campaigns to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our direct mail services!

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