Digital Marketing Synergy – 4 Ways PPC and SEO May Benefit One Another

Dustin Freund
How do PPC and SEO work together

Digital marketing is pretty fascinating in many ways (especially for us marketing nerds here at The frank Agency), and one that often gets overlooked is how most digital marketing services are interconnected and have the ability to support one another.

For example, how a direct mail campaign can help support a social media strategy, or how an email-marketing campaign can drive traffic to a well-written piece of content and inforgraphic.

But today we’d like to talk about two of TfA’s digital marketing services that often provide effective results when used in concert with one another: pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization.

1. Better Conversion Rates

One pillar of effective SEO is providing rich, informative content to your prospective visitors or clients. Generally, the better your content is compared to another website’s, the better chance it has of outranking that website for a given keyword.

And quality content doesn’t just support SEO efforts; it also has the ability to improve conversion rates from your PPC campaign.

Pointing paid ads to a webpage with informative, detailed content that speaks about the keywords for which were searched often has a better chance of converting that visitor into a paying customer.

Think about it – If you are searching for a specific topic like “how to get a counseling degree,” are you more likely to click the call to action from a school that has brief information about their program, or would you instead be more enticed by an article that tells you the exact steps it requires to receive a counseling degree from their program?

2. Attract Initial Audience

If you post a new article to your website, it will likely take several weeks for your SEO labor to bear any fruit – and that’s only if the proper SEO steps were taken.

One theory to improve SEO rankings is improving your website’s average-time-on-site metric. As SEO guru and experimenter Larry Kim explains, “If your content performs well, you’re likely going to get a rankings boost. If your content does poorly, there’s not necessarily a penalty, but you definitely won’t get any (rankings boost).”

That said, a webpage you have high hopes for ranking organically could see quicker results by pointing paid ads and even social media ads to it. Theoretically, this could “jumpstart” the organic process, as the page will immediately begin building its statistics (average time on site, bounce rate, etc.) to show search engines that visitors are indeed finding value from that page.

3. More Links and Shares

Promoting an article through paid and/or social media ads may indirectly produce more backlinks to the webpage as well as more shares on social media. For example, if decide to put some budget toward your informative “how to get a counseling degree” article, more eyes on the article could equal more people wanting to link to the article from their own website, providing you always valuable backlinks.

4. Keyword Opportunities

And here’s my personal favorite for how pay-per-click and search-engine-optimization marketing can benefit one another.

Keyword research tools like MOZ, SEMRush, BrightEdge and Google Keyword Planner are all fantastic methods of finding new keyword opportunities for any given subject. However, they only go so deep, often only returning results for keywords that are searched for at least 10 times per month.

A little known fact is that the SEO and PPC team can work together to find new keyword opportunities. Each time a user searches for a keyword and clicks a paid ad, that keyword is recorded in their Analytics account. Therefore, the PPC team and SEO team can collaborate to find specific, longtail keywords that may only be searched for a few times per month, but they could also be minimally competitive, and highly transactional.


Here at The frank Agency, we truly are one big happy family. We embrace any opportunities for our departments to support one another, and PPC and SEO working together is a prime example.

For more details about any of our PPC or SEO services, please contact TfA today!

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