4-D Branding: How to Build Your Brand

Tom Stofac July 20th, 2015

When my daughter was around 2-years old, we were driving around town one morning when she pointed out of the minivan (hey…we had three kids – don’t judge) and said ‘Taco Bell’. Actually, in her still-Southern twang, it sounded more like ‘Tah-coh Bayull.’ But that’s not the amazing thing. Most kids that age can string … Continue reading “4-D Branding: How to Build Your Brand”

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Top 5 Challenges for Marketing Your National Brand at a Local Level

marketing national brand at local level
Valerie Robertson July 6th, 2015

Every marketing manager is faced with a slew of challenges every day. Those marketing managers tasked with trying to appease their corporate-level boss and their local sales force at the same time end up facing a set of very unique challenges, with solutions that are not so easy to come by. Below are the top … Continue reading “Top 5 Challenges for Marketing Your National Brand at a Local Level”

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

content marketing ROI
Team frank May 4th, 2015

Content marketing is an “in” trend right now. Ask any marketing professional and they’ll agree that content is crucial to today’s marketing efforts. Yet ask the same marketers if they have a content strategy in place and defined metrics for measuring its success, and more than half will answer “no.” Content marketing is a valuable … Continue reading “How to Measure Content Marketing ROI”

4 Basics of Content Marketing

basics of content marketing
Susan Melgren February 16th, 2015

You’ve likely heard the phrase content is king, and for good reason, too. When it comes to website marketing, content is the crux upon which a good strategy relies. You’ve also probably heard “write for people, not the search engines.” Too often it’s easy to forget this second piece of advice and focus instead on … Continue reading “4 Basics of Content Marketing”

#NeverForget: A Dilemma for Marketers

Team frank September 23rd, 2014

You’ve seen the news stories about social media mishaps made by brands across the country. An employee mistakenly sends an inappropriate personal tweet from the corporate account. A disgruntled intern airs her frustrations with the company. An insensitive hashtag creates a social media uproar. The latest batch of poorly thought-out posts came on a day when … Continue reading “#NeverForget: A Dilemma for Marketers”