4 Reasons Why PPC Should be Part of Your Digital Strategy

Bill Caton
digital marketing strategy

A couple quick Google searches will quickly reveal that competition is fierce within the search engine results pages (SERPs). Sure, you can work on your SEO and work your way to the top of the organic listings. But, the fact is, PPC ads are always going to display above organic listings – and you can be sure your competitors will be there even if you aren’t. As if you needed additional convincing beyond this point, below are a few more reasons why you need to include paid search as part of your digital marketing strategy.

You only pay for clicks from interested users.

It’s common knowledge that people go to Google whenever they have a question or need a product or service. With literally billions of searches occurring every day, PPC allows you to get your business’ ad in front of thousands of users searching for keywords you’ve targeted. (Learn more about keyword targeting.)

The beauty of it is that the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on their ad. Which means you only pay for users interested in keywords related to your product or service that then click your ads. And unlike SEO, which can take months to develop, you can fire up a PPC campaign and have relevant traffic to your website within minutes.

At a basic level, PPC doubles as branding and lead gen.

A large portion of Google searches do not include brand keywords. Many searchers type in the product or service they’re looking for, not a specific company or brand. This means that using PPC ads grants your company’s name a spot at the top of the list of possible solutions to a user’s need without them being aware of the existence of your business prior to their search. That’s brand awareness when you need it the most — when they’re interested in doing business.

There’s a science behind PPC because of its measurability.

We’ve stressed it in a few of our other blogs (such as this one), but one of the greatest things about PPC is its measurability. PPC offers a variety of solutions for tracking the performance of your account. By tracking the amount of advertising spend associated with each keyword and tracking the amount of business generated from each individual keyword, you can optimize the efficiency of your account. This helps ensure that your ads show up to the right users at the right time to give your business the best chance of landing a new customer.

That sweet RoAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

The end goal of advertising in the first place is to increase the amount of business you’re doing, right? Well, it doesn’t matter how much business you get if it costs more than you make to get that business in the door. This is where PPC excels. Utilizing a proper account setting and tracking set-up, you can quickly identify the portions of your account that are producing business. With this knowledge, you can compare the cost of advertising on any individual keyword compared to the amount of value that keyword produces to come up with the average amount of return each keyword produces.

sweet ROAS

Once you’ve built up some data, optimizing the account is as simple as emphasizing the keywords that are strong producers and reducing or eliminating the keywords that aren’t. Suddenly, your advertising dollars are only going to data-proven sources of return. Using this method, The frank Agency has achieved a lot of success for our clients. Some clients have even received a peak monthly Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) of over 1,100%. That’s the equivalent of you giving me $1 to spend on advertising, and I give you $11 back in business. It’s a no-brainer. You’d take that deal every time.

Get Started Today!

PPC doesn’t just “make sense” as part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s a necessity – and a good return on investment. Whether you’re interested in taking your paid search to the next level or starting your first campaign, The frank Agency is here to help. As an experienced paid search agency, we have the knowledge and expertise to help grow your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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