Interactive Art Designer

Job Description:

Looking for an experienced Interactive Art Designer who is passionate and excited about the process of telling stories through videos, email marketing, website and other digital channels. Develops work that is conceptually rich and performance-driven to achieve marketing/strategic goals, while also aligned with client brand requirements.

Specific Tasks/Responsibilities:

  • Video EDITING
    • The Interactive Art Designer will bring technical know-how in video production, including but not limited to: editing and animation of motion graphics with proficiency with Adobe After Effects and/or other Adobe products.
    • Participate in meetings and collaborate with other team members to draft storyboards to communicate the idea and flow of the video.
    • Execute best practices for achieving editorial and video excellence across the range of social platforms.
    • Source and/or animate additional images, video b-roll, stock and create vector assets as needed.
    • Source and select music and effects to enhance videos.
    • Archive and organize projects to streamline production on internal servers and to vendors.
    • Meet creative and account teams' deadlines.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • Produce and edit social first videos for all types of social media platforms, including Instagram Reels and Stories, Facebook & Twitter.
    • Perform post-production tasks including video/audio simple editing, color grading and color correction on images that need enhancement or adjustments.
    • Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in style and quality for all content channels.
    • Brainstorm with the Creative Director for storyboard, social and video concepts.

    • Create and implement customized email marketing projects within brand standards.
    • Coordinate within our internal team to keep projects on track to deliver creative products.
    • Analyze data to optimize strategies and improve email marketing performance.
    • Boost clients’ subscriber engagement and revenue numbers.
    • Performs day-to-day email marketing activities including, but not limited to, email campaign set-up, scheduling, testing, tagging and deployment of one-time, recurring, triggered and dynamic content-driven campaigns.
    • Manages the creation and execution of promotional and lifecycle email marketing programs for consumers.
    • Maintains and executes on-going test and learn agendas.
    • Collaborates across teams (product marketing, buyers, and site merchandising) to support brand and sales goals.

  • Creates and executes fresh, innovative concepts to achieve client objectives.
    • Ability to understand an assignment from a Creative Brief and develop exciting, innovative executions that fulfill the project request.
    • Well versed in Figma or Adobe XD for design.
    • Attends meetings and ensures all input and background information necessary is present in order to begin and complete creative projects.
    • Ensure attention to detail with concept development, research, and reviews.
    • Proven ability to provide and take creative direction. Produces work within defined technical and functional specs.
    • Excellent presentation skills; extensive experience with preparation and pitching and presents work confidently to team members or clients.
    • Ability to eloquently explain every aspect of a creative solution and how it solves the client challenge.
    • Must be able to meet deadlines and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Mirrors TfA centric values:
    • Works collaboratively and inspires a sense of cooperation.
    • Strives for success daily.
    • Emphasizes detail, accuracy, and quality in their work and the work of others.
    • Suggests clever and innovative ways to create company successes.
    • Hardworking and dedicated to both internal and external clients.
    • Constantly learning and bettering self though traditional and non-traditional methods.
    • Takes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm.

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