Best Practices of Conducting Keyword Research for a PPC Campaign

Keyword Research for PPC Campaign
The frank Agency September 20th, 2017

Pay-per-click (also known as cost-per-click, or CPC) is one of the most widely used methods of online advertising, and for good reason. The PPC model is one in which an advertiser pays a publisher only when their ad is clicked. When done well, PPC can be a highly effective method to conserve ad dollars and … Continue reading “Best Practices of Conducting Keyword Research for a PPC Campaign”

How to Structure a PPC Account

Symmetrical structure stands tall and reaches into the sky.
Brett McAtee August 31st, 2017

The effectiveness of a PPC campaign largely depends on its structure and organization. Without this solid foundation, the entire campaign can come crumbling down. Within Google AdWords, there is a hierarchy with three main layers associated with online search ads: Account: The top and most basic layer, which contains email, password and billing information. Each … Continue reading “How to Structure a PPC Account”

Measuring Profitability of Social Media Retargeting

Two business men study social media retargeting on a tablet
Nick Barkman June 14th, 2017

Tracking your marketing efforts does not always yield clear-cut results Your attribution model carries the prime responsibility for telling you which channels are the most productive. Unfortunately these models do not always give credit where credit is due – or give too much credit to the wrong channels. Knowing this, how can you tell whether a … Continue reading “Measuring Profitability of Social Media Retargeting”

Learn How to Write Ad Headlines, Part I – Paid Search and Display

Kim Velten June 7th, 2017

If you ask anyone but a writer, they’ll tell you that The Headline is just about the only thing that matters in copywriting anymore. “No one reads,” they say, “Words are GROSS.” Forget the fact that the highest-ranking blogs in search are 1000+ of those nasty things. But the nay-sayers are somewhat right when it … Continue reading “Learn How to Write Ad Headlines, Part I – Paid Search and Display”

The Paid Trifecta: How PPC, Display Ads and Paid Social Work Together

The Paid Trifecta
Kim Velten March 23rd, 2017

They say good things come in threes. That things in threes are inherently better, more effective, and more satisfying than all other number of things. We could go on about the lore of threes found throughout history; the Trinity, the Triad, the Illuminati. But we’re really only here to talk about one particularly powerful trio: … Continue reading “The Paid Trifecta: How PPC, Display Ads and Paid Social Work Together”