Carestream Dental


As Carestream Dental’s North American agency of record, The frank Agency helped this global provider of digital dentistry products and services expand market share and drive measurable bottom-line revenue for its line-up of imaging equipment, CAD/CAM systems, and practice management software. Consistent year-over-year sales increases. Improved customer targeting through data capture and analysis. A complete rebrand of its sales team into “practice consultants” providing business solutions. The result of our strategies? Carestream Dental built upon its standing as a global leader in the category, becoming a North American brand that dental professionals know, trust and prefer. 


Working with Carestream Dental’s global agency in Europe, we adapted its brand standards to localize campaigns for the U.S. and Canada marketplace. Incorporating existing brand pillars to provide consistency and continuity across visuals and messaging, the global look was evolved for the North American market. This included a shift from a more academic mode to a focus on one predominant message, using simplified headlines and graphics to drive it home.

Carestream Dental TechCheck campaign
Carestream Dental Super Model Campaign marketing material
Carestream Silver Lining graphic

Integrated Sales Promotion Campaign

Like many business owners, dental practitioners often wait until year end to spend money on major purchases. Our TechCheck campaign capitalized on this timing to amp up high-end dental imaging equipment purchases with a Big Idea that would break through the clutter and get the inquiries coming in. The program, which ran for multiple years, was a big win in more ways than one.

For starters, it delivered a marketing ROI of 520% and YOY sales increases of nearly 300%. It engaged the practitioners by envisioning them as super heroes to their patients by using Carestream Dental products. But just as important, it helped create a shift in customer mindset, positioning the Carestream Dental team as practice consultants rather than just sales reps. Leading in turn to improved credibility, a shortened sales cycle, and strengthened brand preference and loyalty among dental professionals. Super Heroes all around!

Direct Mail

Targeting various segments of dental practitioners, direct mail paved the way for Carestream Dental’s technology consultants to get their foot in the door for a “TechCheck” with this hard-to-reach audience.

Carestream TechCheck campaign


Custom audience and look-alike targeting strategies using display and paid social media built awareness and nurtured leads through the sales funnel. Then campaign-specific landing pages captured lead information for the sales team while providing robust campaign analytics.

Product Launch Campaign

CS Solutions was Carestream Dental’s first entry into the scan-design-mill workflow space ‒ at the time, a new breakthrough technology for general dentistry practitioners. We needed to build awareness while generating a substantial database of leads for the sales force. “The New Reality” campaign generated both attention and excitement on all fronts through multi-channel touchpoints while handily surpassing all goals in terms of response rates, sales conversions and marketing ROI.



The campaign’s emarketing component was a drip series of teaser messages to build curiosity, then reveal the product at the end. The message series started six months before the actual product launch, with timing getting more frequent as we got closer to create a “snowball” effect of awareness and anticipation.

Carestream e-marketing
Carestream Dental e-marketing

Sales Support

In keeping with the transition from “sales rep” to “practice partner,” sales support materials offered more than product information. The technology “check-up” theme carried through, deepening the practitioner-consultant relationship and providing a wealth of customer data for the sales team.


Trade Show

From booth graphics, to pre- and post-show direct mail and email communications, to show handout materials, Team frank’s trade show support helped drive robust traffic to Carestream’s booth at major dental shows such as Chicago Mid-Winter, Greater New York and the ADA.