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Could be the first question that pops in your head is: How does social media advertising play into paid search? If we were your paid search agency, we’d break it down like this.

First, Let’s Start with Defining Social Media Ads

They’re the promoted posts, pins, snaps, and tweets. They’re display ads and the form feature on Facebook. They’re the overlay ads on YouTube videos. And they’re constantly evolving. Called Social Network Advertising and Social Media Targeting, social ads run the gamut – and it takes an expert to manage it all. But let’s be specific: the expert’s not just the social butterfly. They’re the numbers guy – or gal. They’re the team that knows how to say it, where to say it, to whom, how often and for how long.

We all get social media ads because we’re all on some form of social media. All the time. And if it’s a part of our life to get ads, they better be relevant. If your paid search agency is worth their weight, yours already are relevant. But if you’re not on social advertising yet – or much – you need to read this next bit.

5 Top Reasons to Use Social Media Advertising:

With the way algorithms are, you have to “pay to say” anything you want eyeballs on. And when you start paying for space on platforms like Facebook ads, your organic reach happens to go up. Go figure.

The level at which you can target your audience on social rivals Orwell’s imagination. What they do, read, listen to, like, don’t like, know, so on.

On the other end, there’s trackability. But it’s more than just the data. It comes down to how many dollars were spent on each click or view.

It’s cheap. Relatively speaking. For how much you can target and the sheer number of reach, there’s a big bang for your buck.

Social ads are the tri in your fecta of paid search. They play an important role as a supplement to PPC and display advertising. Let’s dig into that.

Now, How Social Ads Work with Paid Search

Here’s the difference: Paid search, you target keywords. Social ads, you target people. Paid search, you have user intent where people are actively searching for your product or service. Social, you don’t. But you do have a lot of identifiers that narrow the target to the most likely to be interested.

These differences are exactly why social ads are the perfect follow up to paid search. They’re the next step in the funnel. Someone clicked on your paid search ad, landed on your website, but didn’t convert? Retarget on social. Then target similar profiles. Want to stay top-of-mind during a particular time of year that a relevant keyword is more searched? Supplement with social ads.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t use social on its own. Go for it. But bottom line: When you use social and paid search in tandem, you’re always there, everywhere, at once. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your social ads and paid search efforts with the same paid search agency.

And that’s where we step in.

frank’s Social Ad Approach

You come to us and say you want to do some social ads. We’ll say OK. Then we’ll tell you that we’re not just going to throw your money around and here’s what we’ll do instead:

  • Determine your goals: What’s the purpose of this social ad campaign?
  • Nail down your target: Based on your goals, who is going to be the most receptive?
  • Define platforms: What social platform will work the best for micro targeting?
  • Get a base: What are your result-to-impression levels now? What are your overall success rates?

Then we’ll get to work on the messaging and creative. We’ll make it look like your paid search ads for better recall. We’ll take different approaches so we can test response. And we’ll look at the following data before we pop the champagne bottle:

  • ROI and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Form Conversions
  • Call Tracking
  • Frank ID
  • Targeting settings for conversions

And per the usual frank way of doing things, if the social shoe doesn’t fit, we’ll let you know.

Give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll put a plan together for your paid search and social advertising efforts.


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