Addressing the Challenges of Professional Dental Marketing

How can your sales team form lasting, strategic partnerships with customers? How will Amazon’s entrance into dental distribution affect the industry? What can you do to increase the effectiveness of your marketing spend?

In the new issue of re:view, we uncover solutions to these and other top challenges facing the professional dental industry.

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frank Talk on Marketing to the Dental Industry

It’s not always what you’re selling – it’s who you’re selling to. And when you’re selling into dental practices, you encounter distinct challenges that mirror the complexity of the dental and healthcare landscape.

The frank Agency has years of proven success in helping dental technology, device and supply companies distinguish their brands and make headway within the industry. With a commitment to data-driven solutions and time-tested strategies, we help you to not just reach your target, but to create lasting relationships and lifelong loyalty.

Friends of frank

We have a number of friends in the professional dental and healthcare-related industries.

Here are a few you may recognize.

We also work with:


A division of Align Technologies, iTero is a global leader in intraoral scanning equipment and digital imaging technology for dental practitioners. The iTero Element scanner delivers advanced digital workflow capabilities for practitioners, and provides patients with leading edge preventive and restorative dental care.


Ceva Animal Health is the eighth largest animal health group globally, with operations in 42 countries, 13 R&D centers, 21production sites and over 3,500 employees worldwide. Ceva’s pharmacological and biological expertise center around meeting the specific needs of the livestock, poultry, swine, equine and pet sectors.


Established in 2007, Angel MedFlight offers air ambulance services to patients across the globe. Their elite team consists of medical experts, flight staff, and logistics and tech professionals that provide dedicated support for people in need – wherever they may be.


With a 100-year-plus history, DentalEZ provides best-in-class dental products to professionals around the world. With product lines that span from operatory systems to handpieces, DentalEZ covers the spectrum of equipment to offer full-service solutions.


Elevate Oral Care specializes in preventative products and dental pharmaceuticals to help improve individuals’ oral health. Their flagship product, Advantage Arrest®, is the first silver diamine fluoride product to be marketed in the United States.


Since 1978, B. E. Smith has been a trailblazer in finding top-quality healthcare leaders to fill roles in hospitals and other healthcare environments. Their strong roots in human resources combined with their wealth of partnerships with professional associations give B. E. Smith a prominent role in the world of healthcare recruitment firms.


Sunlighten’s full line of in-home and commercial saunas provide the most advanced full-spectrum infrared technology available on the market today. Designed for natural healing and wellness, Sunlighten saunas empower users to improve their quality of life in a relaxing and therapeutic environment.


Designed as an oasis from the stressors of everyday life, Awaken Whole Life Center offers services and retreat functions to provide healing and wellness to people’s minds, bodies, and spirits. Awaken offers everything from acupuncture to spa services to fitness classes – providing a unique experience for every visitor.

Let’s Talk Results

Carestream Dental is an industry leader in dental equipment and technology. But their marketing just wasn’t quite resonating with their target. They needed a penetrating message to strike at the heart of their hard-to-reach audience.

That’s where we stepped in. With a multi-faceted and highly creative campaign fulfilled through a variety of digital and traditional channels, we helped Carestream stand out from the crowd and drive sales like never before.

Services used:
branding, digital media buying, direct mail, email marketing, market research

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