Choosing the Right Content Management System

Britt Desbien December 22nd, 2017

Choosing the right Content Management System, or CMS, for your business is a very important process because your website success depends on it. Your business could have the best products in the world, but if the CMS makes it impossible to provide a good delivery experience for your customers your platform will not do well. … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Content Management System”

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Page Speed

Britt Desbien December 15th, 2017

Optimizing a website’s page speed, also known as load time, is essential for improving the user experience and helping content perform in search engine results. Visitors tend to get frustrated waiting for pages to load, so a smoother experience leads to a happier audience. The rate at which visitors abandon a page load plays a … Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Page Speed”

Web Development Trend 2018: Progressive Web Applications

Britt Desbien December 4th, 2017

Progressive web applications merge the best of traditional websites and native applications. The apps combine the capabilities of native applications with website compatibility and accessibility; they are growing in popularity because they work around both website and application shortcomings. What is a Progressive Web Application? A progressive app is a “web-app” designed to mirror the … Continue reading “Web Development Trend 2018: Progressive Web Applications”

WordPress 5.0 Coming Soon What to Expect

Britt Desbien November 27th, 2017

WordPress has been one of the more popular content management systems for 14 years. According to a recent study, WordPress powers 29% of all websites on the internet (w3 Techs, 2017). Historically, WordPress releases updates on a monthly basis that consist of small bug fixes, security updates, and plug-in compatibility improvements. With WordPress 5.0 slated … Continue reading “WordPress 5.0 Coming Soon What to Expect”

UI/UX Development, Assessment and Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping, Web Development for premium user experience
Britt Desbien November 14th, 2017

Online, your website is your welcome mat. If customers have a poor experience with your company website, they won’t shop from you, they’ll look for a competitor who offers a better online experience. If you want to help customers have a better experience online, you’ll need to improve your UX, or user experience, and your … Continue reading “UI/UX Development, Assessment and Heat Mapping”