Optimize for Revenue Generation Over CPC, CTR, and CPL

June 19th, 2023

In today’s search landscape, it’s more important than ever for businesses to focus on smart revenue generation strategies to meet projected goals. Integrating revenue marketing strategies into a campaign is essential for companies looking to track efforts andand increase their sales. However, with numerous advertising platforms and marketing channels available today, it can be challenging … Continue reading “Optimize for Revenue Generation Over CPC, CTR, and CPL”

5 Ways to Reach Millennials through Direct Mail

direct mail marketing for millennials
Team frank November 29th, 2016

If you think millennials don’t respond to direct mail, think again! In today’s digital world, you may think the only way to market to millennials is through mobile, social media and even texting. Indeed, these can be highly effective ways to reach this generation; however, believe it or not, reaching millennials using direct mail marketing is as … Continue reading “5 Ways to Reach Millennials through Direct Mail”

5 Tips for Visual Marketing

5 tips for visual marketing
Susan Melgren April 22nd, 2015

Digital marketing is moving more toward the visual. Just take a look at the social landscape today. From blogs to social posts, consumers today are choosing to share and engage with content that has high visual appeal over traditional text-based content. Just take a look at these statistics: 63% of social media is now made … Continue reading “5 Tips for Visual Marketing”

Social Influence Increases as Television Influence Decreases

Team frank March 24th, 2015

Move over television. Social is coming for you. When it comes to influencing consumer behavior in the U.S., television advertising is experiencing a decrease while social chatter is gaining ground. In a report released last fall, market research group CivicScience found that over the past two years fewer adults are citing TV ads as a … Continue reading “Social Influence Increases as Television Influence Decreases”

3 Ways to Create Social Proof on Your Website

Team frank March 18th, 2015

Word of mouth recommendation will always be the best way to win new customers – as consumers, we are more likely to buy a product or use a service if we know that other people have already tried and liked it. The same concept applies to social proof, too. As consumers, we are influenced by … Continue reading “3 Ways to Create Social Proof on Your Website”