Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten’s full line of in-home and commercial saunas provide the most advanced full-spectrum infrared technology available on the market today. Designed for natural healing and wellness, Sunlighten saunas empower users to improve their quality of life in a relaxing and therapeutic environment.

Awaken Whole Life Center

Designed as an oasis from the stressors of everyday life, Awaken Whole Life Center offers services and retreat functions to provide healing and wellness to people’s minds, bodies, and spirits. Awaken offers everything from acupuncture to spa services to fitness classes – providing a unique experience for every visitor.

KC Complete Prosthodontics

KC Complete Prosthodontics is a specialty dental practice focused on restorative and replacement teeth delivered to patients through specialized treatments and procedures.

Dental Transitions

ADS Dental Transitions brings dental practice buyers and sellers together by offering a wide range of services for both. From information gathering and valuation, to negotiations and mentoring, ADS’ ultimate goal is to ensure a seamless transition whether you are looking to buy or sell a dental practice.

Young Innovations

For more than 100 years, Young Innovations has led the charge of dental products manufactured in the United States. Its high-quality products are designed to improve the clinical experience for dental patients and professionals while delivering extensive value for its clinicians, business partners, employees and patients.