Discount School Supply

From a small retail store to the most comprehensive online supplier of quality and affordable educational products, Discount School Supply is the supplier of choice for teachers and parents for everything from school supplies to classroom furniture.

Grantham University

Consistently recognized as one of the top schools for veterans and the military, Grantham University provides flexible education options ranging from certificates all the way to graduate programs. Their wide variety of degree programs and commitment to student success has made them a mainstay in the online schooling realm.


For over 50 years, Daymar has been helping students advance their careers and change their lives. With 5 campuses, over 30 career tracks, and a wide array of online degree programs, Daymar provides career and technical training to individuals of all backgrounds.

University of Chicago Graham School

The Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies is an extension of the prestigious and high-ranking University of Chicago. Offering a host of certificate programs along with specialized graduate degrees, Graham School boasts top-notch instructors and a reputation for professional excellence.

The University Of Chicago Odyssey Scholarship Program

Odyssey is the University of Chicago’s distinct model for helping students of intellectual promise and financial need advance their educational journeys. Through comprehensive financial aid, college prep and career development programs, Odyssey helps close the gap between merit and achievement.