Cummins Engines

With a primary focus on uptime and excellence, Cummins manufactures the highest caliber engines for every vehicle type – from marine to passenger autos to heavy-duty equipment and beyond. For its full 100-year history, Cummins has also been a partner for the beloved Indianapolis 500.

Parts Plus

As part of the Automotive Distribution Network, this leading automotive parts distributor contributes to a network of over 1,500 retail stores that provide high-quality parts and service to every vehicle type.


A Daimler subsidiary that’s named after The Motor City in which it’s based, Detroit has lived up to its heritage as a premier manufacturer of diesel engines, transmissions, axles, connectivity and safety solutions.

Nova Bus

Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Group, and it’s this partnership that gives this Canada-based manufacturer the support to develop its innovative, environmentally-conscious, high-capacity transit options.


Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, a subsidiary of Goodyear, is the nation’s largest tire distributor and retreader. They offer tire solutions in 169 locations, and also provide nearly 50 dedicated truck care centers which offer service in addition to sales.